Kitsune Tsuki: Possession by KB Forrest

Title: Kitsune Tsuki: Possession
Author: K.B. Forrest
Publisher: Devine Destines
Pages: 46
POV: 3
Sub-Genre: Adventure, Gay, GLBT, Magick, Paranormal, Shounen Ai/Yaoi, Demons
Kisses: 4


Andre sees things in his dreams and his heart yearns for more, but he doesn’t know it yet. Bent on gathering data for his doctoral thesis on Japanese folklore, Andre finds more than he ever hoped for. When an informant suggests that Abe no Seimei, an Onmyoji, or yin yang magician of the Heian Period, is still alive as myth claims, Andre is intrigued. Legend claims that Seimei was the son of a magical fox, and that he cannot die. Andre is not so gullible as to believe such nonsense, but he checks it out anyway. When he meets the man who calls himself Seimei, the very foundation of his belief system crumbles under his power. His world changed forever, Andre finds that he cannot be satisfied until he knows it all. He must know Seimei, and he gets what he wants, but the cost of it was not what he expected.


Funny, informational, and chair riveting, this book has been done splendidly. Many of the yokai, Japanese word of demons, mentioned in this book are descripted, you can imagine how they look like and what they are wearing, and the story line is fascinating. Witnessing a wedding ceremony between fox spirits it is said that you will be fox enchanted for all your life. Legends takes Andre to seek more for this thesis of Japanese folklore but what he didn’t expect was a beautiful man, a magical fox, who speaks his life about how he came to be and all the mishap that surrounded his birth. What Andre didn’t expect was the price he has to pay for his yearning for answers. Read to find out more!!

Reviewed By: Jen


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