Starting the Roux: A Roughstock Story by BA Tortuga

Title: Starting the Roux: A Roughstock Story
Author: BA Tortuga
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 16
Characters: Sam Bell, Beau Lafitte
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Cowboys, Series
Kisses: 4.5


Sam’s been looking at Beau for a long time, but it isn’t until he gets shorted on points because he isn’t a big name rider that he realizes just maybe Beau’s been looking back. What happens when a couple of beers and some Funyons back at Beau’s hotel room suddenly turn hot?

Originally published as File Gumbo in the Cherry anthology.


I love BA Tortuga’s Roughstock series. It’s one of my favorites, and although I like all of the characters; Coke and Dillon and Sam and Beau are my favorites. Somehow, this little gem of a story escaped me when it was first published in an anthology a couple of years ago. So I was thrilled to get the chance to read and review Starting the Roux and see how one of my favorite couples in the series relationship started.

Sam’s a bullrider who’s frustrated because although he knows he just gave a great ride, he’s once again not recognized for the talent and hard work he gives at each rodeo. Knowing his score should be higher than it is, he wants to punch something, but when he runs into Bullrider Champion, Beau, he immediately starts to calm down. There is something about the little, sexy Cajun that draws Sam to him like honey to a bee. So, when Beau offers for Sam to have a drink or three in his hotel room so they can just chill, rest and relax a spell, well, Sam suddenly starts to believe he might be the big winner of the night after all.

I was thrilled by this short. I love the chemistry this couple has and the genuine camaraderie and affection they have for one another. Finally seeing how they’re relationship started was extremely satisfying and definitely made me want more.

This Torquere ‘Sip’ could definitely be read as a stand-alone book in the Roughstock series. Ms. Tortuga loves to tease us with these little shorts about her amazing characters, and since this one shows the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Sam and Beau, it would also be a great way to check out the series itself. The continuation of Sam and Beau’s story is called Roughstock: File Gumbo Season One, but the couple is in several of the other books in the series. If you are looking for a fantastic series with some hot and sexy cowboys who truly have a genuine affection and respect for each other and a drive to do their best in a sport they love, I highly recommend the Roughstock series.

Here are the Roughstock books in series order: (I hope I didn’t leave any out…lol)

Note: There are a couple of these that are M/F but most of them are M/M

Roughstock: Blind Ride Season One
Give it Time: The Seven of Wands
Roughstock: And a Smile Season One
Doce, A Roughstock Story: The Ten of Wands
Roughstock: File Gumbo *** Sam and Beau Novel ***
Shutter Stock-A Roughstock Story: The Seven of Pentacles
Roughstock: Coke’s Clown
Roughstock: City/Country
Cowboy Christmas: A Roughstock Story
A Cowboy Family Christmas
Just Another Day at the Office
Needing To
The Retreat: A Roughstock Story
The New Guy: A Roughstock Story
Leather Works and Lonely Cowboys: A Roughstock Story

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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