Duck and Bunny Rescue by Pepper Espinoza

Title: Duck and Bunny Rescue
Author: Pepper Espinoza
Publisher: Amber Quill Press, LLC
Characters: Duane Hanson, Marvin
Pages: 87
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Gay, Contemporary
Kisses: 3


Opposites attract all the time, and sometimes even save each other…
Duane Hanson has had a run of bad luck—he’s been laid off, with no car and no social life—and he doesn’t see that turning around any time soon. Being gay in a small town in rural Indiana isn’t a ton of fun. But his friend Myrna thinks she has the perfect solution: Marvin.
Marvin rescues ducks and bunnies, among other abandoned pets and abused animals, and he seems far too good, and cartoony, to be real. But not only is Marvin real, he’s cute. And sweet. And much to Duane’s surprise and pleasure, Marvin’s hung like a horse.


In Duck and Bunny Rescue, Duane Hanson gets pressured into meeting a new guy by his friend’s fiancée, Myrna, since he hasn’t found anyone to go out with in the small rural town in Indiana. Marvin Christensen, the owner of duck and bunny rescue, saves abandoned or unwanted animals and takes care of them as a living. When they both meet each other they hit off really well. As they continue to know each other, obstacles appear in their paths that might destroy the delicate relationship between them. Read more to find out!!!

Beautiful, funny and very romantic, Duck and Bunny Rescue was very thrilling to read and I enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend it to readers and it won’t be disappointing.

Reviewed By: Jen

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