Love at First Bite by Jessica Coulter Smith

Title: Love at First Bite
Author: Jessica Coulter Smith
Pages: 22 pages
Characters: Sean and Brian
POV: First Person
SubGenre: Contemporary erotic romance, paranormal
Publisher: Changeling Press
Rating: 2 Kisses


Sean has spent his life in the small-minded town of Willow Grove. Given his preference in sexual partners, finding romance has always been a challenge — until Brian.

When Brian walks into Sam’s Place, the first thing he sees is Sean, and he knows he has to have him. When he takes Sean back to his place, he reveals his true self, and hopes that Sean will accept him — fangs and all.


Love At First Bite by Jessica Coulter Smith follows Sean and a chance encounter which turned out to be more like fate. In reading the blurb, I had high hopes for enjoying this book. I love vampires and I love the sensuality which exists between a vampire and a human.

Unfortunately, there were too many elements which were too difficult to overlook. The primary issue was the lack of believability of the story. I totally get that short stories have a limited amount of space and therefor can’t fill in every gap. When I read short stories I’m prepared to look past minor elements which lack authenticity. It’s just part of the genre. But this story had the two characters meet, fall in love, and decide to latch their lives together within the space of a day. The emotions were given to the reader through Sean’s characters, and I would have enjoyed a bit more description to show me how the character emotions developed and changed. One of the things I love about vampires and humans getting together is the idea the human might be changed…that the love will become eternal. Unfortunately, this aspect of the story wasn’t developed.

Overall, I think, had this story been a bit longer with a few more plot twists and a bit more description, it would have been a read I would have enjoyed more.


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