Come Cuddle Me by Missy Welsh

Title: Come Cuddle Me
Author: Missy Welsh
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 30
Characters: Tucker, Bill
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4


Tucker naively posted a half-naked photo of himself on Pronblr and requested that someone come cuddle him for the night. He really did mean cuddling, but he didn’t mean for his friends to reblog his request since it also had his address attached. Now he has his neighbor Bill pissed at him for being so stupid while a parade of strangers answer Tucker’s plea…whether he wants their attention or not. Tucker needs someone to save him from himself and Bill might just be that guy.


Why oh why isn’t Come Cuddle Me a full length novel? I loved the characters and the fun and unique premise of the story, but hated that it was so short and ended just when I really started craving more!

Tucker is new is town and lonely. He’s only twenty and apparently has a tendency to not always think things through. He posts a picture of him on Pronblr stating he’s lonely and would like someone to come cuddle him. Tucker doesn’t think much about it because he only has two friends he’s posted it to. Unfortunately for him, both friends shared his post and now over a hundred others have seen it.

Tucker’s not even aware of this until his sexy next door neighbor, Bill, comes to tell him he’s not only seen the post, but is afraid that Tucker is now in grave danger of being harmed by the unless amount of stranger willing to take him up on his offer. Bill immediately takes Tucker under his wing and tells him he can stay with him until the whole thing blows over. As they two men hang around each other, sparks of attraction fly between them and both Bill and Tucker end up having something worth fighting for.

I really liked this short story a lot. I liked both the naïve and young Tucker and Bill is very sexy and protective of him. Unfortunately, we don’t get to learn about either of them. To me, it read more like a set up for a longer story (I hope) and although I really enjoyed the banter and chemistry between them, I really ended up longing for more. In the end it ended up being a really fun, flirty and sexy read that I really enjoyed.

I’ve read several books by Ms. Welsh and I’ve loved every one of them. She has a knack of writing interesting, sexy and unique characters that is easy to like. I also appreciate her ability to draw her readers in with her snappy dialog and fast-paced storytelling skills. If you are looking for a quick, steamy and sexy read, Come Cuddle Me will definitely give you everything you’re looking for and get you craving for more. I’m looking forward to reading more books by Ms. Welsh and will definitely be looking for her works in the future.

Reviewed By: Gabbi



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