Deadly Secrets by Savannah Hartley

Title: Deadly Secrets
Author: Savannah Hartley
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 351
Characters: Jamie, Aiden
POV: 1st, 3rd
Sub-Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary, Suspense
Kisses: 4.5


Jamie Dexson is like any other twenty year old boy–with one exception. He’s been passing himself off as a girl for four years.

Fleeing from a dangerous situation, the ruse is necessary. Jamie and his mother have been on the run, but when Jamie’s disguise becomes more trouble than it’s worth, he has to decide if leaving it behind will free him from the arms of a predator seeking to make Jamie his.

From a life of deciding which heels to wear with what outfit, Jamie falls into a world of dragons, vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters. And he discovers he’s one of them… but doesn’t know which one.

CONTENT ADVISORIES: This title contains scenes of rape or near rape and a “to be continued” ending.


Jaime Dexson is an ordinary twenty-year old in her freshman year of college. Everything about her is completely normal except for one minor thing- she is a he! From the time he’s been a young child, he, his mother, and her girlfriend have been on the run from his father- a man who wants him dead.

His mother decides that the best way for Jaime to be safe is to have him pretend to be a girl-heels, hose, make-up and all! He makes for a very pretty girl to the point of guys hitting on him but he only has eyes for Aidan, the handsome young jock from a very wealthy family.

Turns out Aidan is not what he seems to be either! It seems that Aidan is a dragon shape shifting prince who has come to Earth to claim his mate-Jaime! Turns out that Jaime is a hybrid shape shifter and didn’t even know it!

I LOVE this book! It starts out as a seemingly normal story about a young woman’s life then-BAM! It starts taking twists and turns that keep you guessing right up to the cliff-hanging end!

Reviewed By: Pat Nelson


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