Bishie Sparkles by Karenna Colcroft

Title: Bishie Sparkles
Author: Karenna Colcroft
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 82
Characters: Grant, Teruo
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy, Yaoi
Kisses: 4


Long-time yaoi fan Grant didn’t expect to be so attracted to the main character of his latest purchase—and he definitely didn’t expect to wake up next to him one morning. But that’s what happened. Even the sparkles, hearts, and small animals from the manga follow Teruo around Grant’s apartment. If Grant weren’t so distracted by lust, he’d find it really annoying.

When Teruo announces that he intends to stay with Grant because he has nowhere else to go, Grant is both pleased and terrified. Grant has been alone too long, and even with the sparkles, Teruo has made his way into Grant’s heart. But if Grant can’t find the words to tell Teruo how he feels, Teruo might vanish as suddenly as he appeared.


Grant is going through the motions of life without really living. He goes to work, returns home and eats his take-out meal alone. Although he has friends, he basically lives a very lonely existence, and one of the joys he has in his life is reading Japanese Manga. Even though he loves reading about the romance in these books, Grant believes he’ll never have a happily ever after for himself. One day, he purchases the latest manga release and immediately becomes swept up into the two characters’ lives. One character in particular, Teruo, really captures Grant’s attention and he finds himself wishing he that Teruo was a real man and his lover in his life.

When Grant wakes the next day, he’s shocked to find Teruo in his bed, ready and willing to be Grant’s lover. Teruo is everything Grant thought he would be, and although he’s enchanted by the beautiful man, his pessimist side won’t allow him to believe that Teruo will stay for long. No matter how hard Teruo tries to convince him that he’s here to stay, Grant refuses to believe it and it threatens the happiness of both men. Will Teruo be able to convince Grant that all he has to do is believe in love and the love they share together is all they might need for them to be able to stay together…forever?

Bishie Sparkles is a fun and sexy choice for anyone looking for a quick afternoon read. I loved the premise of the story. I found it very original and enjoyed the couple of hours of escapism it gave me. I also enjoyed the easy style of writing this author has and the ability to sweep this reader into the lives of these characters.

Although the book is really supposed to be about Grant, I fell in love with Teruo. He’s so adorable and since he’s basically a manga character living in the real world, whatever he’s feeling is easily shown as a caption around him. Whether it’s rainbows, clouds or sparkles, Teruo is really a fun and unique character that easily stole my heart. Grant was a little harder to like. He’s pessimistic and because of that, he keeps pushing the love Teruo wants to give him away. There were times I wanted to shake some sense into him and make him wake up and smell the roses. Because of Grant’s stubbornness, he almost loses the love of his life. Lucky for him, Grant does eventually open his eyes and arms to Teruo’s love, and he ended up being a likeable character.

This book takes place over a couple of days and there is an immediate attraction and feelings of love between the two heroes. Since I’m a firm believer in love at first sight, and because this is a fantasy-yaoi based romance, this was totally fine with me. I will say I do wish the book had been longer because I would have loved to see how Grant and Teruo truly live together in the real world. I enjoyed every minute of this book and recommend it to those who love yaoi and fantasy romances.

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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