I’m Not Sexy and I Know It by Vic Winter

Title: I’m Not Sexy and I Know It
Author: Vic Winter
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 14
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 4


Winston knows he isn’t sexy. He isn’t a stud, classically handsome, and he doesn’t have rhythm. A night on the dance floor with a stranger proves otherwise, though. Can best friend Clark convince Winston that he’s all the sexy a man could hope to be, off the dance floor as well as on it?


This super short story gives you the bang for the buck so to speak. Winston is a man with very low self-esteem. He lives with his best friend Chuck, who he has developed the biggest crush on but he won’t admit to it. Clark is everything Winston isn’t. He’s so insecure about who he is, he won’t even dance when he and Clark go out to the club.

The only time Winston feels happy and better about himself is when he’s with Clark who always manages to build him up and makes him feel better. Well one night while at the bar, a mysterious man urges him onto the dance floor, he gets in behind him so Winston can’t see who it is. They share three dances and the man disappears, leaving Winston alone on the floor.

The next day while still feeling a bit up from the night before he dances in front of the mirror and tells himself “You’re not sexy and you know it.” That in itself is something I relate to. Low self-esteem is a PITA so I connected with this character very well. He ends up back at the bar and that same mysterious man ends up dancing with Winston again, and when the fast songs fade away to a slow one he begs the man behind him to stay and dance with him, and they end up kissing, but Winston’s eyes are closed but when he opens them and realizes who it is, it brought a sweet smile to my face and my heart.

It’s a cute story worth the money and I know you have a few minutes to spare to read it. You’re sure to feel that warm fuzzy feeling I did.

Reviewed By: Michele


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