Jungle Law by K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong

Title: Jungle Law
Author: K. Piet, S.L. Armstrong
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Pages: 27
Characters: Deshi, Kaanan
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Kisses: 5


There is a rainforest in India that the wise poachers avoid. Few who venture in ever return, and those that do rarely come back all the way. The leopards in this forest have a protector who walks the worlds between leopard and man, but who calls the leopard kin and the human only enemy. When a frightened boy escapes from the latest hunting party to feel the protector’s wrath, he tracks the boy down, determined to leave no survivors. But when he comes fact-to-face with the exotic, defenseless boy, he cannot bring himself to end that life. Instead, what he has reviled for years becomes his constant companion. That is, until the humans dare to set foot in his forest once more.


I am a shameless fan of K. Piet and S.L. Armstrong. They are one of my favorite writing teams and I always look forward to reading more books written by them. When I saw this short story up for review, I immediately grabbed it because I know whatever these two authors write, I will most likely love. Sure enough, Jungle Law was a creative and interesting story about a leopard shape-shifter and the young man he saves.

Kaanan is a leopard shape-shifter who does what he can to protect his fellow peers from the horror of human destruction. Because he’s watched many of his kind hunted down and murdered again and again, he’s not a fan of the human race and prefers to live as a leopard than his human counterpart. When he spots a helpless, young man fleeing from a hunting party he surprisingly feels compelled to help man. Soon, he rescues the man, Deshi, and for the life of him, Kaanan can’t understand why he’s so drawn to him. As they start to communicate, there is a burning attraction and emotional connection that sizzles between them. But, Kaanan doesn’t believe that the sweetly innocent Deshi can survive in his harsh world and vows to return him safely home. Will Deshi be able to convince Kaanan to stay together?

I loved this short story! My only gripe is that it is so short and just when I really began to get into it the story was over. I really appreciated the fresh spin these authors gave on the typical shape-shifter story and loved the way the relationship developed between the two characters. For such a short story, it reads as a longer one and is very fast-paced and uniquely told. I hated to see this story come to an end and pray that one day the authors will one day continue writing about these likeable, noble characters.

Since this book is a free read under the ‘Love is Always Write’ series the awesome M/M Romance Group is hosting at the Goodreads site.

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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