We Danced by Jeff Erno and a chance to win a copy. Just leave a comment.

Title: We Danced
Author: Jeff Erno
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 210
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kissses: 4.5

Jeff Erno is offering one lucky person a chance at winning this amazing book. Please leave your comment here along with your email address and he’ll draw a winner on June 5th at 11:59PM EST. Good luck!!


For six years, Rex Payton has focused on two things: keeping his late father’s small-town Kentucky bar afloat and raising his nephew, Tyler. After the tragic loss of his parents and sister, Rex has no interest in romance. He’s respected in his community and regarded as one of Carlisle’s most eligible bachelors, but he’s accepted that his life isn’t conducive to a romantic relationship, especially as a closeted gay man.

Enter Josh Billings, a veterinary student who’s serving an internship in town. Josh’s deepest passion is helping animals. Romance is the furthest thing from his mind… until the night he meets taciturn, handsome Rex Payton. Chance and an after-hours dance conspire to forge an intimate connection neither man looked for—one neither man can ignore after the dance leads to a kiss.

Suddenly romance isn’t so insignificant, but it’s also not without complications. For this relationship to work, Josh has to decide if he can cope with dating a single dad, Rex has to open his heart, and Ty has to learn to share his dad’s affection.


We Danced is one of my favorite Jeff Erno stories. From the first page the author pulled me into Josh’s and Rex’s story and I could not put the book down until the last page. Both men really grab the reader’s attention. The instant connection between them is strong, but because of Rex’s parental responsibilities the men take things slowly, which lends an air of reality to the book. I liked the way that Mr. Erno wove Ty through this story rather than having him show up occasionally just to add something to the plot line. Rex, Josh, and Ty make a wonderful family unit, but the author tosses things up a little by bringing in conflict that could tear them apart.

The angst that Mr. Erno introduces is believable and not hard to imagine happening. While some of the problems that pop up can be expected, I was surprised more than once. We Danced is one of those stories that will stay with you long after you finished with it. It is one I will re-read in the future, and I am sure many of Mr. Erno’s fans will feel the same way.

Reviewed By: Lydia
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