Five Star Review by Lara Brukz

Title: Five Star Review
Author: Lara Brukz
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 105
Characters: Cade Montgomery, Eric Carillo
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance, Physically Challenged Hero
Kisses: 4.25


Gay romance author Cade Montgomery is so thrilled when his latest book is given an excellent review by Eric Carillo that he sends Eric a personal e-mail thanking him for the rating. Occasional e-mails become frequent, and soon Cade and Eric are talking online almost every day. Their online relationship spans a thousand miles, but that doesn’t mean it’s not real. Can their virtual romance survive in the real world? Because both men want to give their own romance a five star review.


Five Star Review is the first book I’ve read written by Lara Brukz. I’m always excited to read new to me authors and I by the end of the book, I was excited to add Ms. Brukz to the list of authors that I really like to read. Between the fast-paced storyline and the hot chemistry between the two heroes, Five Star Review was a quick and highly enjoyable read for me.

Cade Montgomery balances writing homoerotic romance novels and his full time job. Even though he loves writing romance, Cade has more of a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ personal philosophy. When his newest release gets a very good rating from a well followed review site, Cade decides to write the reviewer, Monk, to thank him for taking the time to read and review his book. When ‘Monk’ responds, his underlying flirtatious banter and wit, intrigues Cade and he finds himself wanting to know more about the mysterious reviewer. To Cade’s surprise, the more he learns about ‘Monk’ the more he looks forward to receiving correspondence from him. Soon, he learns Monk’s real name is Eric, and the men become fast friends. They quickly begin to flirt and send sexy emails to one another and little by little start revealing more of themselves to each other. Soon Cade starts to second guess the casual sex he has with nameless men and begins to have more than a little interest with his sexy online friend.

Eric Carillo loves to read and review books. Ever since he was in terrible car accident years ago, he’s been bound to his wheelchair, but his sheer determination to live a normal as possible, keeps a positive outlook on life. When he and Cade start a flirtatious online friendship, Eric can’t help but fantasize about being with Cade. But when Cade is going to travel to the same city as Eric lives in, he’s both nervous and excited. Will Cade the man be everything Eric hoped he’d be?

I really liked this book. There is a strong connection between Cade and Eric and it’s apparent they really like each other. Both are interesting characters that I liked and enjoyed reading about. As a reader, I appreciated how easily Cade came around to Eric’s disability and saw him for the man he is, not just the chair he sat in. I also liked how independent Eric is and his determination to stay strong and work hard to achieve the things he wants out of life. Both men were well matched together and I loved watching them work toward having a life together. If you are craving a sweet and spicy read with sexy well-written heroes, Five Star Review is definitely the book for you!

Reviewed By: Gabbi


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