Scar Tissue by GL Roberts

Title: Scar Tissue
Author: GL Roberts
Publisher: Seventh Window Publications
Pages: 71
POV: 3rd person, Bob
Sub-Genre: Romance
Kisses: 3 1/2


It was 1976, the year of the .38 Special, the .45 Magnum, Cold War threats and Vietnam Vets returning state side looking for jobs. It was also a time when being gay could get you fired from your job, beat up or killed. This was especially true for Bob Elkins, third year DEA officer who finds himself deeply attracted to CIA newcomer Mike Wells. Although Mike returns Bob’s romantic gestures, he goes cold when it comes time to become intimate. Is Mike playing with Bob or is there something more going on? To find out, Bob must put his reputation and job on the line and risk everything.

The year was 1976, a time when being gay meant you must hide in the closet or risk losing everything.


1976 meant the Vietnam War was over, Jimmy Carter was about to become the next US president, and among the most popular movies of the year was “All The President’s Men,” the academy-award winning political thriller based on Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s investigation in to the Watergate break-in. Men wore wide-legged pants and long hair … unless you worked for the government like Bob and Mike in GL Roberts’ SCAR TISSUE.

Roberts does a good job of setting the mood and helping her readers see 1976 through Bob’s eyes. Proudly gay and very secure in his skin, DEA agent Bob is nevertheless forced to remain closeted at work and with most of his acquaintances. When he meets Mike at the firing range he’s instantly taken with the CIA recruit. The attraction seems mutual, but Mike’s mixed signals set the men on a slow course that baffles Bob and tests his patience.

I enjoyed this book, although I have to say I thought it ended too abruptly. I was very nearly to the end and realized with trepidation that Mike still hadn’t come clean about what bothered him. I was glad to find out that Roberts has a second book devoted to Bob and Mike, which I hope will give us the two men on a more equal (physical) footing, something I would have enjoyed reading in this very solid offering.

Reviewed By: Nadja

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