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Title: Two Tickets to Paradise
Author: Multi-Authored Anthology
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 355
POV: 3rd and 1st
Sub-Genre: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Kisses: 5


A vacation is exactly what these men need to find love in their lives. It may be about looking for a little fun, gaining a fresh perspective after a breakup, or building up the nerve to take the plunge. Whether they travel by plane, train, or automobile, none of them want to go it alone. They’re hoping romance will be the ticket to finding paradise in another man’s arms.

Stories included:

Haunted by Jana Denardo
Off the Tracks by Chelle Dugan
Krung Thep, City of Angels by Zee Kensington
Sunlight on Water by Susan Laine
Fall Forward by Jamie Lowe
A Good Night’s Sleep by Anna Martin
All You Need by Dar Mavison
All at Sea by JL Merrow
Something Different by Sean Michael
Perpendicularity by Mal Peters
The Jeep Guy by Eric Renner
Know Nobody by G.R. Richards
Reconnecting by Claire Russett
Mending and Moving On by Cecilia Ryan
New Lease by B.G. Thomas


A Good Night’s Sleep by Anna Martin

Alex is taking a break from University and travelling the world for a year. He’s a med student who’s unsure of what practice, if any he wants to specialize in. One night he decides to take a train from Thailand to Padang Besar and is surprised to have a bunkmate, Matt. Matt is a photographer who is also taking time to travel the world to take pictures and explore different lands. When Matt is unable to sleep in his bunk, Alex offers to let him sleep with him. Soon they are swept up together in a passion neither man expected. But, what will happen when they arrive at their destination? Will they be able to part ways?

I liked this short story. Alex and Matt are strangers who have a really good chemistry together. Both characters are likeable and I enjoyed watching them meet and find a common ground between them.

Fall Forward by Jamie Lowe

Jarrett and Chase are boyfriends who decide to leave college for a weekend getaway. After being cooped up in the car together for hours, they start to bicker and both are not happy with how they are getting along. When they stop for the night will they be able to stop their bickering and enjoy their first vacation together?

I really liked the bantering between Jarrett and Chase. There were some funny moments in this short and I liked the chemistry and camaraderie between them. I would have loved to have read more about them.

Reconnecting by Claire Russett

Sam Jefferson is at a week-long conference for Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Corfu. He’s a professor that’s attended this conference every year. This year he almost didn’t attend because he’s afraid he’ll run into John Stanton who has been known to be a guest speaker at these events. Two years ago, John turned his back on the life Sam hoped they make together and since then, Sam is still hurt from being tossed aside so carelessly. But, John is determined to mend fences and make up with Sam. Will Sam give him a chance for them to reconcile, or will they separate forever?

This is one of the longer stories in the book. Sam’s pain and loneliness is apparent throughout the story. I really felt sorry for him, but once he met back up with John, quickly started to hope that these two men would find their way back together. I like the fast-pasted story and thought Sam and John were really good together.

Mending and Moving Along by Ceclia Ryan

Brian and Liam meet on a plane to Spain. They start a quick conversation, but once they arrived at their destination, Brian thought he’d never see Liam again. Brian is pleasantly surprised when he finds out that Liam is staying at the same resort he is, the men immediately become fast friends and soon fall into each other’s arms. But, once the vacation is over will Brian and Liam be able to part ways?

This was another really good short story. I enjoyed watching Brian and Liam get to know one another and the sexual chemistry between them was smoking hot! This is another story that is longer than most in the book and one of my favorites.

The Jeep Guy by Eric Renner

The Jeep Guy is written in journal form. Normally this would be a distraction, but reading the story through Eric’s eyes was definitely interesting. I enjoyed watching him travel and meet the sexy and very interesting Andy. They had really great chemistry together and I admit I was wrapped up in their story. Great read!

All at Sea by JL Merrow

Josh is a college student who reluctantly goes on vacation at the Isle of Wight with his mother and two sisters. Recently, Josh’s father left the family and Josh and his mother and siblings are trying to get through this tough time. He meets the very handsome Rupe and finds out that his summer vacation might not be a bad as he had anticipated it to be.

This story is told in first person with Josh’s point of view. Josh is a very likeable character and I enjoyed watching the short story unfold through his eyes. He and Rupe are well matched together, but both know once they get together that it will be staying together that is the challenge. I loved the ending and really enjoyed the story.

Haunted by Jana Denardo

Trestan and Connor are taking a working vacation in British Columbia to investigate haunted houses. Will they encounter something supernatural along the way?

I really loved this couple. They had a great chemistry together and I loved the banter these two had between them. There were several times I laughed out loud in this story and I enjoyed the sexy moments they had together. It was a fun and flirty story I hated to see come to an end.

Something Different by Sean Michael

Tucson Andrews is spending his thirty-fifth birthday in Vegas. Alone. When he literally bumps into his ex-lover Adam Brewster, his vacation takes an unexpected turn Tucson didn’t see coming. After ten years of being apart, can they once again reconnect together?

I love Sean Michael’s books and this short story was no exception. Fast-paced and steamy hot, this short was a pleasure to read. I loved the characters and watching them reconnect after so many years apart. Great read!

Perpendicularity by Mal Peters

After just breaking up with his girlfriend, Kyle decided to go to the resort in France that they had planned on vacationing together… alone. When he wakes to the delicious smell of fresh baked bread, he goes to investigate where these yummy smells are coming from. There he meets Dylan, who is a beautiful young man with a sweet personality. Will Kyle’s vacation end up being the best vacation he’s ever had?

I loved Dylan and Kyle. Both are unique and sexy characters that were easy to like. I enjoyed watching them flirt with one another as they got to know each other. I wish they had a longer story¸ because I hated to see this one come to an end. There is a definite HFN ending with a hope for more and I liked that.

Sunlight on Water by Susan Laine

When Aramas’s mother wins tickets to stay at a five star resort in the Keys, Aramas goes with his family with some reluctance. He’s weeks from moving into his own place in Miami where he’s convinced his life will truly begin. As an artist, when he spots a handsome young man around the resort, he’s immediately smitten with him. And, he’s more than a little surprised when the handsome man, Ryan, approaches him and sweeps him off into a whirlwind romance. But, when Ryan finds out that Aramas doesn’t come from money, will his affections be truly real?

This is another of my favorite stories in this anthology. Told in first person with Aramas’s point of view, the story moved smoothly and kept me captivated with the characters within it. I loved Aramas’s determination to fight for the man he knows Ryan can be and for them to build a life together. Such a sweet, sexy and romantic story, I truly hated to see it come to an end.

Off the Tracks by Chelle Dugan

Owen and his best friend, Tara are just before going on their planned vacation to Vancouver. They are celebrating Tara’s recent divorce, but when Tara has an unexpected family emergency and cannot make the trip, Owen is forced to go alone. In his mid-forties he doesn’t believe that he’ll ever find his true love and that it’s too late to find a life partner. When he first arrives he is unhappy to experience the gay scene alone, but feels better when he boards a train the next day to do some much needed exploring. Unfortunately, he falls and injures his head, and when he wakes up he’s realizes that he’s younger and everything is different than he thought.

This is another story that is one of my favorites in this book. I loved the second chance that Owen was given and really liked him as a character. I thought the time-travel spin was an interesting one and I loved Owen and James together!

All You Need by Dar Mavison

Trent and Rory have been in a committed relationship for years. Lately, they’ve been disconnected and both men feel like they’re headed for a breakup. When Trent surprises Rory with a weekend trip to New York, both men suspect that this might be their last chance to reconnect and be together. But, things are never easy and the trip ends up being not as fun as either man wanted. Will they still be able to save their relationship and cherish the love they have between them?

This is another story that’s one of my favorites in this anthology. I really liked both Trent and Rory and understood why they were struggling within their relationship. It was nice to watch them both work hard to strengthen their weakening relationship and I enjoyed the chemistry the two men had together. The story moves very fast and when it ended I had a smile on my face. I loved it!

Know Nobody by GR Richards

Gerald is ready to go somewhere where nobody knows him. He wants to escape, have some hot sex with a twink or three and escape the loneliness and humdrum of his everyday life. Even when his best friend, Sylvain begs him not to go, Gerald insists and ends up frolicking with the men he’d fantasized having sex with. When he’s surprised by his best friend, Gerald is struck with the realization that maybe what he’s always been looking for has been staring him right in the face the whole time.

This was a quick enjoyable read. It was fun watching Gerald let his hair down for a while. It was obvious to everyone but Gerald that Sylvain was really the man for him, and it was a blast watching him realize that.

New Lease by BG Thomas

For the past two years, Wade has been going through the motions of life. For twenty-five years he had been his lover’s dirty little secret, and when his lover died two years ago, Wade has been miserable. Deciding to end his life, he goes to the cabin they rented for two weeks every year to do the deed. But, when he meets his sexy and very kind man, Kent next door, everything in his world starts to change.

I really liked this story a lot. I felt sorry for Wade and hoped that he would find someone who really cared about him. Both Wade and Kent are honorable men who are both interesting and easy to like. I enjoyed the promise of a bright future for them and will be looking for more books by this author in the future.

Krung Thep, City of Angels by Zee Kensington

Marco has always dreamed of travelling the world. At twenty-three, he finally takes a chance and flies to Bangkok. But, after three days he wonders if he’s made a mistake by travelling alone, he’s lonely and has more than a little culture shock. When he meets the older and sexier Chris, Marco becomes more than a little infatuated with him. But, Chris is a world traveler himself and is used to being alone. Will Marco find a way to worm a way into Chris’s heart?

This story is another favorite. I really loved Marco’s naivety and zest to try something new. He’s a wonderful character that I couldn’t help but really like. Even Chris who has lived by his rules and for so long by himself couldn’t help but be charmed by Marco. I loved these two men together and wish their story had been longer.

I really loved this anthology. Every story was good and most of them were really great. I’m looking forward to reading more by all of these authors and highly recommend this book if you are looking for some sexy and romantic short stories to keep you warm at night.

Reviewed By: Gabbi

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