The Last Paladin 1-3 by Vaughn R. Demont

Title: The Last Paladin 1-3
Author: Vaughn R. Demont
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 171
Characters: Lennox Kingsley, Karden, Darren
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy
Kisses: 5


Closeted Pagan and self-professed prude Lennox Kingsley was only looking earn his college degree and get his life started, but a chance encounter in the park leads him to the life he was destined to have as a Knight of Pan. As he walks the path of the Paladin, he will face ordeals, battle demons and vampires, forge relationships with his fellow Knights both stalwart and steamy, and still manage to maintain a 3.4 GPA.


Lennox Kingsley is ready for a change in his life. Before he heads off to college, on the day of the Samhain, he participates in a Pagan ritual with some friends where he professes his life and devotion as a Knight for Pan. During and after the ceremony, Lennox doesn’t really take his vows that seriously. Instead, he’s more interested in his studies and going through the everyday existence of college life. Before he leaves the ceremony, he’s given a golden fluted looking pendant by a fellow Pagan to wear. Lennox isn’t really thrilled about the gift, but since he doesn’t want to insult he friends, he agrees to wear it and goes on to college, without thinking that much more about it. One day as he’s taking his daily jog, he’s approached by a large, handsome man who shamelessly flirts and suggests a heated sexual tryst between them. Since Lennox doesn’t drink, sleep around or dance, he turns the mysterious man, Karden down. Karden is surprised by this and tells Lennox he isn’t worthy of wearing the unusual pendant and snatches it off of his neck and runs off with it.

Lennox is furious that Karden does this, and remembers the club the mysterious man had mentioned that he worked at. Since Lennox is determined to get his pendant back, he goes to this club after class and seeks out Karden. But, once Lennox arrives, he immediately knows that this club is not like anything he’s ever seen before. He’s soon ushered into a backroom where he meets not only Karden, that now looks like he’s a Satyr, but the god Pan himself. Lennox soon finds himself thrown into the dark world of the magic of Pan, and comes to realize that the vow he had taken so carelessly before will be his life’s greatest reward.

I really enjoyed every minute of The Last Paladin. Lennox is a really likeable character, and he’s definitely a typical eighteen year old man when the book starts. As many young men are at his age, he’s a little arrogant and doesn’t always think things through before he does them. His character really evolves as the story progresses, and Lennox goes through a lot of changes and matures by the end of the book. The mysterious and magical world of Satyrs, Vampires, Demons and other mystical beings really turns Lennox’s own existence upside down. It was interesting to watch how he handled the many different twists and turns that was thrown his way, while trying to stay alive and defend the honor of his Lord, Pan…even when he’s not prepared or experienced enough to do it.

Karden and Lennox have a pretty hot chemistry between them. One of the surprises of the book was they also added another Satyr, Darren, into their relationship making it a threesome. The sex scenes between the three together practically steamed up my computer screen because it was so sizzling hot! Whew! Keep a glass of ice water beside you as you read this book because you’re definitely going to need it to cool off! Another thing I really appreciated about their relationship was the camaraderie and the genuine feelings they truly felt for each other, which made me love this book and the characters within it even more. I liked how Karden and Darren were in many ways total opposites in the way they approach things, both of them were good for Lennox. There is also a twist within the relationship between all of them that I admit I didn’t see coming, but in the end I think it worked out as it should.

The Last Paladin is one of my favorite fantasy romances I’ve read. I love the descriptive and almost lyrical way that Mr. Demont wrote this story. I was immediately captivated by the fresh and creative characters and addictive storytelling ability that this author has. I’m anxiously awaiting more from this author and hopefully more books in this series. If you love a fast-paced, erotic fantasy romance then The Last Paladin is definitely a good choice for you.

Reviewed By: Gabbi



  1. Actually, The Last Paladin 1-3 was released serially in 2007-8, and Last Paladin 4, which I think Torquere still has, has been out for a while. I don’t know if there’s a Last Paladin 5 coming, because the author launched another series, Broken Mirrors.


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