Blue Moon by Rowena Sudbury

Title: Blue Moon
Author: Rowena Sudbury
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 70
Characters: Brad and Scott
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: D/s, Contemporary
Kisses: 5


Daredevil wrestler Brad Fraser throws his body around the ring to the cheers of the crowd, but when the lights go dark, he throws it from bed to bed to alleviate the boredom of travel. It all comes crashing down one night at the hands of the resident bad guy, but Brad finds himself rescued by the cool, suave Scott O’Doul, and the two men make a pact based on the illusion of control.

Though their relationship begins as an arrangement of pleasure rather than commitment, over the course of a year on and off the road, Brad finds himself trusting Scott more and more. But Scott plays things close to the chest, and Brad isn’t sure where he stands—until the night Scott nearly pushes him too far.


In just seventy pages Rowena managed to not only teach me a thing or two about wrestling and what goes on behind the scenes but she created these characters who are full of life and love and she made me fall in love with them as if they were real live people. Brad Fraser is a wrestler yes, but he’s nothing like I’d imagine what a wrestler would be like. I mean this is a new world for me, so I’m picturing this man doing his thing in the ring like we see of the wrestlers on TV and I’m thinking he has to be pretty tough to do that even if it is staged for the crowds, right? I guess I had a wake up call here too, the men in the rings ARE real men and honestly? I never gave thought to what goes on behind those scenes…Until this story.

Well what happens is that this other wrestler supplies Brad with happy weed as long as Brad gives him sexual pleasures. Then a time comes when Brad is sick of the other guy’s bullshit and Scott comes to his rescue.

Scott is also a wrestler and he’s one that is really “feared” by the other wrestlers on the circuit. These men travel all the time, rarely are they home, so really all they have is each other. Scott keeps to himself and when goes to Brad’s rescue he makes an offer that Brad can’t resist nor does he want to.

Scott takes Brad under his wing and the other bully leaves him alone, mostly because Scott keeps the guy away from him. Scott takes Brad home and slowly begins to introduce him to BDSM, not out and out full BDSM. I’d say it’s more like a D/s situation. He ties Brad’s hands, blindfolds him, spanks him a bit, it’s not intense so if BDSM bothers you, this really is light so you’ll be fine.

The two men are together for a year, day in and day out and they both grow, as people and lovers. Scott takes his time with Brad, he brings the other man into slowly and tells him right from the start…It’s the illusion of giving up control to him. After a year of that illusion they realize it’s a lot more than that.

This story was so well written, the characters very well fleshed out, the details, narrative, all of it was well done. I really enjoyed the two characters together as a couple and the sex scenes were done very well. This is a story that introduces the reader into the life of two men who live the D/s lifestyle, slowly. As for the title, remember what happens under a blue moon….Luck….

Reviewed By: Michele



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