Reaping Shadows by Jamieson Wolf

Author: Jamieson Wolf
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: ebook novella
Characters: Darion Murete and Kale
POV: Third Person
Sub-Genre: mm romance paranormal
Kisses: 2.5


Death has always been a lonely business. Darion Muerte knows this firsthand as a Reaper. But his world changes when he meets Kale.

Darion is a Reaper, one of those who gathers the souls of the dead so they can move on. He has been a Reaper for centuries. Accompanied only by his Shadow, a being that scouts for the dead, Darion has not been touched by another for over a thousand years.
That all changes when Darion meets Kale. Though mortals are not supposed to be able to see Reapers and their Shadows, Kale can see both of them. And his dark blue eyes see right into Darion.

Answering the call of passion that sets fire to his skin, Darion gives in to his needs and lets himself experience one night of passion. That is all he can take. And then Darion must make the ultimate sacrifice.


Reaping Shadows is a modern-day Grim Reaper story in which the main character, Darion Muerte travels the planet seeking souls to collect. His job is to be a soldier of sorts that works for Death. With the use of his shadow, he finds people who are ready to die and captures their soul.

As the story begins, Darion is drawn to a particular target named Kale. Surprisingly, Kale does not appear to be anywhere near ready for death nor does he fear Darion. This is unusual being that typically all humans fear his presence. Darion senses a connection with Kale and the two come together and make love. This lovemaking session somehow transforms Kale into an agent of Death himself, and the two become supernatural partners.

When I first started reading this story I was almost positive that it would be a five star read. I loved the beginning and was intrigued by Darion and by the way he was drawn to Kale. After the first love scene, though, the story started to fall apart for me. It became rather cheesy and I started to view it more as a comedy.

I think many readers may appreciate this type of storytelling. In my opinion, the author was trying to infuse humor into the dialogue and to sort of make light of death. He introduces a couple of villain characters that he calls the Brothers Grimm. I couldn’t figure out how their role specifically differed from Darion’s or from Death itself.

The sex scenes were the best part, in my view. These alone are the story’s redemption. This is a short, entertaining read. The writing is very strong but the plot is flimsy. I kind of think this intentional though. It’s just a kind of fun paranormal fantasy.

Reviewed By: Jeff


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