Inheritance by Lissa Kasey

Title: Inheritance (Dominion One)
Author: Lissa Kasey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 169
Characters: Serian, Gabe, and Jamie
POV: 1st
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 5


As the only male studying magic in a female-dominant society, Seiran Rou’s life is already on a precarious perch. Then he finds a dead co-worker on his doorstep, and Sei realizes someone is trying to set him up for the fall. It could be anyone—including his own mother, a powerful witch and leader of the Dominion, the ruling body of elemental magic.

Sei’s only saving graces are his on-again, off-again vampire boyfriend, Gabe, and the mysterious Jamie, who wants to help him for reasons Sei doesn’t understand. They may be all that stand between Sei and the Dominion’s demands to control his magic. One man’s devotion could be the key to save Sei’s life and pull him back from the brink of losing his humanity to the magic he possesses.


I have to say that I’ve read many shifter books this past year and all of them have their own upsides and such making them different but the same, now in saying that I must say that this particular story reaches above most simply because of the characters. A writer’s characters can make or break a story and in this particular one, the writer created three characters so true to life that I almost wish I could meet them and share a cup of coffee with them and take Seiran into my arms and protect him, even from himself. That’s how good of a job Lissa did here.

The story told in two main books, really needed another one prior to this one to fully explain what in the world was going on in Sei’s world. We learn here he’s a male witch and the only witch attending a college meant for witches and the like, but the catch here is that this particular school is very much a woman’s college. Sei is one of very few male witches enrolled in the school therefore he’s the target of some pretty awful pranks by the female witches on campus. They take bullying to a new level let me tell you.

The character Sei is absolutely adorable. I have fallen totally in love with him, no matter how messed up on the inside he says he is, and he is, of that I have no doubt. It has a lot to do with how his mother treated him all his life because he was born a he and not a she, and I’m thinking this is a female controlled underworld of some sort. This poor boy was abused by his mother who is the head of the Dominion or something like that and no one goes against her, not even the law officials. She has done some wicked things to him, he cowers before her and tries so hard to win her love and affection but no matter what he does, he manages to disappoint her at each turn.

In college he’s picked on so badly that he eventually moves off campus into his own place and when the job he took manages to break him, in a sense that he is harassed so badly doesn’t work out he goes to his Vampire lover, Gabe, who owns a club for a job. Gabe hires him and things work out very well for him there but he still is unable to escape his mothers wrath, even with Gabe there to protect him. Sei seems to think he’s not worthy of love in any form, but sex is a whole different thing for him, and he uses that with Gabe, not realizing how much Gabe loves him truly.

So much happens within the pages of this story that you can’t stop turning the pages looking for more, yet not wanting to know more. I was so torn for the characters in this book. The plot set up is done wonderfully, the characters so well fleshed out that I loved or hated them, the description perfect. I don’t have a complaint about this story and book two is as good as this. There are also a few free reads with this story to help us understand Sei and Gabe’s relationship and I recommend reading them in order to fully grasp this story and these characters for they allow them to shine as they should. You will not be disappointed.

Reviewed By: Michele



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