Christmas Wishes by J.P. Bowie

Title: Christmas Wishes
Author: J.P. Bowie
Publisher: MLR Press
Pages: 61
Characters: Christopher and William
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary/ Seasonal
Kisses: 4


Christopher Fielding has no choice but to spend Christmas with his family in York, away from William MacPherson, the biology professor with whom he has fallen in love. Finding his sister Nan in some distress over her pregnancy, Christopher makes a wish that all will be well with her and the baby, and another that William, traveling by train to his family in Scotland will be safe from the blizzard raging over the countryside.

As Christmas Eve approaches, William’s train is stranded in snow drifts and Nan’s baby is about to arrive prematurely. Cut off by the weather from a doctor’s help, the family is in despair, and Christopher feels that his wishes may not be enough. Perhaps what they now need is nothing short of a miracle


1922 is the time period of this sweet Christmas tale between Christopher Fielding and William MacPherson, who are both professors at a prestigious college in England where they both live and work. They discover a mutual respect for one another that led to a whole lot more almost at once. Christopher is from York and William is from Scotland, and when Christmas vacation arrives they find themselves going in separate directions to their family’s homes to celebrate.

They wish for nothing more than to be able to be together, each knowing how hard it will be to be apart on the most magical day of the year. But in that era, hiding the fact that they were gay, was detrimental to their futures as professors. Endure it they must, but it seems that the wishes made on Christmas are heard and Christopher makes two. Both are heard and when William shows up on his family’s home in the midst of a snow storm because the train going to Scotland was cancelled, not only does one wish come true but two when William comes through like a knight in shining armor to help Nan and the others welcome the newest addition to the growing family.

I must say that I was moved by this tale, I really enjoyed the journey and the message. And I really love Christopher’s family. They accepted their son, and William, without coming out and making it a big deal. What a truly touching story.

Reviewed By: Michele


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