It’s Not Shakespeare by Amy Lane

Title: It’s Not Shakespeare
Author: Amy Lane
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 178
Characters: James Richards, Rafael Ochoa
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 4


College professor James Richards is in a rut and feeling his age. He moved to northern California to escape heartbreak and humiliation, but so far the only good thing to happen to him has been his Boston terrier, Marlowe.

Then James’s toughest student sets him up with her best friend. Rafael Ochoa is worlds apart from James—chronologically, culturally, and philosophically—but he’s also beautiful, kind, and a shot of adrenaline to James’s not-quite-middle-aged heart. Together, the two of them forge a bridge between James’s East Coast sensibilities and Rafael’s West Coast casualness, but can their meeting of the hearts survive James’s lack of faith in happy-ever-after?


Moving some three thousand miles from home to eliminate the possibility of accidentally running into your ex and his new partner might seem a bit extreme, but once-bitten-twice shy college literature professor James Richards was not only bitten; he was gnawed, gnashed, and spit out by a man who used him, cheated on him, cleaned out his bank account, then left him for another man.

James has trust issues.

His new home, lower paying job, old car, and to-die-for pooch, Marlowe, are all James has left now. Starting over at forty-three has left him more than a little bit cynical about life, love, and the prospect of romantic happy endings. The one bright spot in his otherwise dreary existence, besides his beloved Marlowe, is the courses he teaches at South Placer Community College, where a particularly inquisitive student, Sophie Winchester, decides to participate in a little extracurricular matchmaking between James and her best friend Rafi, a man from the other side of the tracks. He’s everything James isn’t, some of what James should be, and may just be everything James needs, if James can only find the courage to give himself permission to take the risk.

It’s Not Shakespeare is an opposites attract story between an erudite man and his unlikely prince charming who rides in, in his electric blue Charger just in time to rescue the professor from a life of absolutely nothing special.

Told with so much heart and humor, even when I found myself questioning whether a relationship between James and Rafi would work, I found myself believing that a relationship between James and Rafi would work perfectly.

Timing truly can be everything.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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