The Tea Demon by Cornelia Grey

Title: The Tea Demon
Author: Cornelia Grey
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 52
Characters: Eric Devon, Captain Jonathan Tea
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Alt U/Steampunk
Kisses: 4.5


Thief Eric Devon wishes one thing: for people to leave him bloody well alone. And maybe for more whiskey. Until a mysterious stranger offers him a job so dangerous that no one has ever attempted it and survived to tell the tale: recover a priceless object from the Turtle Merchants’ impregnable palace. Intrigued by the man and the challenge, Eric accepts—but the stranger is none other than the legendary airship captain known as the Tea Demon, terror of the Sea of Clouds. Eric must come up with the best plan in history if he wants to complete his job… and survive it too.


Cornelia Gray spins a tale filled with good humor and good fun in The Tea Demon, the story of a professional thief who comes out of retirement for the sake of adventure and treasure, though his attraction to the man who wishes to employ his services plays no small part in his decision too.

Set in a steampunk world, Captain Jonathan Tea pilots the airship Tea Demon, the fearsome pirate ship, the stuff of legends that has prompted many a tale to be told by sailors and innkeepers in taprooms and backrooms.

Captain Tea, it is quickly revealed, has lost his finest, most precious possession to the Turtle Merchants, and he needs Eric Devon’s cunning and expertise to help steal it back. As Eric’s grand scheme to board the impenetrable floating turtle palace unfolds in a most comical way, it provides for more than a few laughs, as well as a bit of suspense to bring the reader along to an ending that left me wanting more from these two captivating men who discover what, or rather, who the true treasure is.

The Tea Demon is a sharp and sexy little story, one I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone who appreciates a bit of fun and more than a little imagination in their romances.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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