In His Arms by Brita Addams

Title: In His Arms
Author: Brita Addams
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 103
Characters: Bryan and Phil
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary- D/s
Kisses: 3.5


Phil Sanderson freed Dr. Bryan Newcastle from the bonds of a bad relationship and began Bryan’s journey into sexual freedom. Then they were forced to part. Now, they come together once again, for what they hope is at least for now, if not forever.

Just as he makes the decision to move to Des Moines and start a life with Phil, Bryan gets a call that turns his life upside down.

Through the shock and utter disbelief they encounter on a trip back to Boston, Bryan’s bedroom Dom oversteps the bounds of their agreement, forcing Bryan to exert some dominance of his own.

Does Bryan love Phil enough to accept a simple truth – the only freedom is in his arms?


In His Arms is the follow up to Free Me picking up where the other left off. Phil is back in Des Moines running his newspaper and giving it literally everything he has, working crazy hours and denying himself the pleasures of another’s body because his heart is with Bryan.

Bryan is back in Boston, miserable and missing what he had with Phil. Just discovering his sub-side on the cruise ship, and his feelings for the man who helped to open his world and free him of constraints, he realizes that Boston isn’t where he wants to be. Back at the office with Del isn’t his calling, so he takes the first step and calls Phil and arranges a visit.

During that visit, Bryan receives a call that will change his life forever, one that will bring him back to Boston and away from Phil.

This follow-up doesn’t center so much on the D/s side of Bryan and Phil’s lives. It’s focused more on the their love, their determination, their trust, and passion not only in good times but in bad as well. To me, the first story had more umph, pizzazz and glitter, where this one slowed down to allow the men to develop a solid relationship to go along with the D/s action in the bedroom. Because let me tell you, Bryan is only a sub behind the closed doors. He is a man in control and he has the confidence and determination I admire so much. We spend a lot of time in Bryan’s head in this story, the back and forth emotions he displays over heart breaking news. I felt that something is missing from the men in this follow-up, however it doesn’t take from the plot line. It does have a HEA and in that I was thrilled.

Reviewed By: Michele


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