Free Me by Brita Addams

Title: Free Me
Author: Brita Addams
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 97
Characters: Bryan and Phil
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: BDSM
Kisses: 5


Dr. Bryan Newcastle needs a respite from the grinding responsibilities of his medical practice. He’s looking for someone to free his mind and body, to take him to the sexual heights his ex-lover had stifled.

On an impulse, Bryan plunks down his credit card, and commits himself to a gay, BDSM cruise that he hopes will be the answer to all his prayers.

Bryan meets Phil Sanderson, a sexual dom looking for a vacation sub. With a key card slid across the lunch table, Bryan is plunged into Phil’s decadent world, where sexual submission is only the beginning of what Phil wishes to show Bryan.

Phil brings his sub to new heights, but seven days isn’t enough. Will Bryan and Phil be able to return to their former lives or has Phil just started Bryan’s journey to sexual freedom?


“As a Dom, my job is to take you where you’ve never been, push your limits and respect them if you can go no further…”

“…To be truly submissive, Bryan, one must leave a bit of their soul behind…”

In Brita’s new story, Free Me she once again masters the art of storytelling with her two characters, Bryan and Phil and how two men from two different backgrounds, and two separate walks of life meet on day one of a seven day cruise meant for gay men. Bryan is a doctor in dire need of a vacation, one that gets him far from his ex, who is also a doctor and his partner, and one where he is free to discover who he truly is.

Lucky for Bryan, he didn’t have to wait long to find the man who would open that door for him to discover who, what, when and where. Phil is a natural Dom, he owns his own newspaper and just so happens to be available for the week long cruise to help Bryan discover who he is and what he wants. The two men hook up fairly fast, as seven days really isn’t a lot of time to do much as it is, however, these two? They make the absolute most of it.

Brita captured the torment in Bryan to perfection, IMO. He lived his life on the sidelines instead of allowing his needs to dictate the way he lived his life. He is a natural born submissive. For years, he’d stood on the periphery of something more and hadn’t had the courage to forge ahead. And this is what leads Bryan to do something he has never done, spur of the moment living. Always living by taking the safe road, always living to please his ex, even swallowing his needs in lure of being called a pervert by that ex. Explains why he’s the ex now. For too long he ignored what he truly needed, desired, and wanted. He grew to hate himself for not having the courage to seek out what he so desperately wanted.

He is elated and sad over meeting the Dom of his dreams even if it was for only a week. Phil was just a temporary diversion from the mundane and that in itself saddens him. Bryan tends to over think everything, a trait that Phil noticed right from the start, one that he told Bryan he needed to stop. Bryan had to learn or wanted to learn how to keep his worried mind in the current time—not back or forward—but to the now. That’s all he had.

Phil helped Bryan open a door in his life and it was one that Bryan wanted to kick down but again, he didn’t have the courage. But how could he go back to what was? Especially when he spends his time with Phil. Bryan falls heavy for Phil’s seduction suddenly realizing how badly he wanted it all. Butt plugs, ball-gags, whips, floggings, any and all of it. Especially Phil’s charms.

A taste of Phil: Phil leaned forward and put his arms on his knees. “I don’t play games and I don’t expect any from others. When one wants something, one must ask. I don’t mind read.” And in that one line Bryan realizes how much he must overcome and instead of being the giver, he must now learn how to ask for what he wanted. Being a doctor comes with a lot of responsibility, a lot of decisions must be made on spur of the moment, and he needs to just let go and relinquish control to someone else. If only for a little while. He wishes to be controlled, told each move, and treated like a toy, if that is what his Dom wants. A huge step for him. Is it one he can do?

This is a re-read to be sure. I truly enjoyed Bryan’s and Phil’s first story, as the second one is on my reader right now jumping up and down to be read. I love how smooth the story flows, how realistic these characters are, how alive they are on paper, and how Brita captures the heavy D/s element to almost a perfection with these men. Yes, things move fast but so do things IRL. Who are we to say this is too fast? BRAVO, Brita!! I loved this story.

Reviewed By: Michele


1 Comment

  1. Thank you Michelle, for this wonderful review of Free Me. I love these guys too, lamented over their one week together (this was part of the Postcards from Paradise collection, where the criteria was that they would meet on a vacation).

    I so appreciate how you understand Bryan, as it is really his story, his journey, his adventure.

    Thanks again.
    Huge hugs,


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