Dating the Delaneys (The Delaneys #4) by Anne Brooke

Title: Dating the Delaneys (The Delaneys #4)
Author: Anne Brooke
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 42
Characters: Liam, Mark and Johnny Delaney
POV: 1st Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotica/Ménage
Kisses: 5


Liam and the sexy Delaney twins embark on their dating experiment with gusto. Their first encounter at the local cinema proves explosive, but Liam still wants more from them than just hot sex. Luckily so, it appears, do the Delaneys.

With this in mind, the twins whisk him away one weekend for a late-summer picnic in the countryside. Once there, Liam is delighted to see the lengths the Delaneys have gone to in order to provide a romantic dating experience. As their date comes to a climax, however, the twins have a startling proposal.

Is Liam really ready for what they have in mind?


With her signature humor and impeccable knack for leaving the reader just a little bit hot and bothered by her boys, Anne Brooke delivers yet another winning chapter in the relationship between Liam and his twin gangster lovers, Mark and Johnny Delaney.

The boys have now embarked upon their six week dating trial period, determined to get to know each other beyond their sizzling sexual encounters. Well, they do go to the movies, have a romantic picnic, reveal a little bit about themselves on a personal level, but those salacious and sensual scenes? Oh yes, they’re still there—these boys can’t seem to keep their hands (or other body parts) off each other. Thank the gods.

As things appear ready to escalate to an even more solid foundation with the threesome, including a hysterical meet-the-parent encounter at the end, Anne Brooke brings the curtain down, guaranteeing that I’m keeping my seat in the audience and waiting for the next installment in this sexy series.

Reviewed By: Lisa



  1. Oh, Anne, now you have all sorts of naughty thoughts swirling around in my overworked imagination. 🙂 I’m excited to see what you have planned in the next installment. The “meet my mum” scene was terrific! LOL.


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