Himiko Warrior by CB Conway

Title: Himiko Warrior
Author: CB Conway
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 192
Characters: Matt and Pietr
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Science Fiction
Kisses: 5


When the aliens arrived on Earth, it turned out that Plato was right. You really can find your other half – your soul mate, and Matt found his. Now he’s got an unbreakable mental bond to his mate and some intriguing telekinetic abilities to explore. Full of excitement, Matt returns to his old life, but he’s completely unprepared for the anger and rejection he encounters because of his bond with Pietr. Shunned and assaulted, Matt realizes the hard way that you can never go back. Especially not when you’re bonded with the enemy.

Giving up isn’t an option, though. Even though Matt’s pretty sure that Pietr’s the most annoying alien in history, he’s also sure that his mate is more important to him than anything else. But Matt’s mental strength is increasing, and Pietr can no longer hide the one secret he’s been desperate to keep. Matt’s world falls apart, and he’s not sure if he’s ever going to be able to put it back together.

He might not have a choice. The hostility between humans and Himika is increasing, and Matt is forced to face some unwelcome truths about his own nature in order to ensure not only his own survival, but that of his fellow human beings as well.


Let me start by saying there is no way you can read this book if you have not read the first story, Himiko: Bonding. Himiko: Warrior picks up right where the fist story ended and the relationship building, as well as Matt’s introduction to Pietr is important to know for book two. That being said, Himiko: Warrior not only continues Matt’s and Pietr’s relationship but also goes into a little more detail as to why the aliens are on earth in the first place. Their reasons are interesting and explain the urgent need the Himiko have for wanting to communicate with humans, even though their way of going about it is on the harsh side. The reader will see just how these harvestings affect the humans when Matt and Pietr return to Matt’s home. While both men expect a few problems they are both surprised by the reactions of Matt’s friends. They weren’t the only ones as I wanted to smack them for their behavior, especially Jones. Not only do Matt and Pietr have the increasing hostilies between the humans and Himiko to worry about but also the growing instability they notice in the Assessor, the Himiko leader on earth.

Readers will find much to love about this story. The continuing romance between Matt and Pietr with its many ups and downs, as well as the intrigue surrounding the Himiko leader will keep the reader entertained until the last page.

Reviewed By: Lydia


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