City Falcon by Feliz Faber

Title: City Falcon
Author: Feliz Faber
Publisher: Dreamspinner
Pages: 240
Characters: Mark and Hunter
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Contemporary
Kisses: 5


New York, 1994

What on earth is a live falcon doing in the middle of JFK airport? The answer to this question brings PAPD officer Mark Bowman face to face with falconer Hunter Devereaux, right in the middle of a fascinating field experiment using falcons to keep runways free of nuisance birds. The falcons are intriguing, but it’s arrogant, out-and-proud Hunter himself who really rubs Mark the right kind of wrong. Too bad Mark can’t act on the attraction: he’s deeply in the closet, and since he wants to keep his job, that’s where he’s determined to stay.

However, every time their paths cross, Hunter gets a little deeper under Mark’s skin, until Mark can’t deny his feelings any longer. Giving in to his desire makes Mark happier than he can remember being, but Hunter isn’t willing to hide their relationship forever. If they’re going to make a life together work, something has to give. Someday soon Mark will have to choose, or life will make the choice for him before he’s ready for it


I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the short prequel to this novel and I remember it very clearly, so when I discovered the author wrote a novel with Hunter in it, I was all over getting my hands on the story. I fell in love with Hunter in the Desert Falcon and feel even more in love with him now. Hunter is now in New York working as a Falconer at JFK as a way of controlling the birds that are a constant fear to aircraft in the sky. Instead of shooting and killing the birds, Greg and Hunter, (if you’ll recall Greg was the man who looked at Hunter as if he were his own son and convinced him to come back to the states.) fly the Falcons when there are reports of birds over the airports skies.

Hunter is out and proud of who and what he is, and then he meets PAPD Officer Mark Bowman who isn’t. Hunter understands all too well the fear Mark lives in, but in America being gay doesn’t necessarily mean a death sentence as it does back in Saudi Arabia where he was for many years. He hid then, he was tired of hiding. Being a gay officer in New York back in 1994 in Mark’s eyes, was a death sentence. Therein lies the plot. They meet in the middle of the crowded airport. Mark sees a man, a very stunning man, standing in a crowded area clearly lost but what made him standout was the Falcon sitting on his forearm.

The two men come to spend a lot of time together, both feeling the mutual attraction and Mark just can’t seem to get enough of being in Hunter’s presence but he also can’t get over his reservations and that hurts them as a couple. We are taken along for the wonderful ride when the men fly the Falcons and get to see them at work chasing the birds out of the way of the airplanes. The author goes into detail on how the Falcons are cared for, on their living quarters, on the cleaning and feeding process. Truly, it was a great experience. What was even better? How Mark grew as a character with each turn of the page. And also seeing love bloom with two men I admire from afar. Very well fleshed out, very solid plot line based upon true fact, and wonderful description. .

Reviewed By: Michele



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  2. Feliz!!

    I’m so happy you dropped by. I don’t like Hunter and Mark…I LOVE Hunter and Mark. I love the whole story around it. I love that you used real life true situations to weave into the plot line. I hope you’re hard at work on more Hunter and Mark. I can’t get enough of them.


  3. Hi, Eden!!
    That cover is amazing. The book even more so. I truly have fallen in love with Hunter and Mark as a couple. The story line is so gripping on both the personal lives of the men as well as what they do for a living. I could have gone on reading and reading about them.


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