Condor and the Crown by John Simpson

Title: Condor and the Crown
Author: John Simpson
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 200
Characters: David, Shane, and Jack Windsor
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary/Thriller
Kisses: 4


When former President of the United States David Windsor is appointed the American ambassador to the Court of St. James, it necessitates a move to England. Uprooting his family and moving his staff, David and his husband, ex-Secret Service Agent Shane Thompson-Windsor, settle into Winfield House with their adopted son, Jack, and two feisty Scottie puppies.

Life is finally settling into a routine when Jack is abducted by Libyan nationals. No longer able to call directly upon US military forces, David turns to his successor as President, Victoria Wilson, to enlist her aid and gain her approval of a daring rescue attempt, and asks his cousin King William for help luring the kidnapper to British soil for retribution. It’s a mission that will ultimately involve the British Marines and even personal phone calls to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi as David will stop at nothing to see his son safely home


I can’t tell you how sad I was to hear this is the final story with David and his husband Shane and I waited patiently for months to get my hands on it and get lost in their world with them because I just had to know more of their lives as a team and as new fathers. And of course to see what new adventures awaited them.

As the story begins David, Shane, Jack and the pups are headed to the U.K. to begin the next chapter in their lives. David as we learned from the last story is now the American Ambassador to the Court of St. James in England. At first Mary, the secretary is left behind, but soon follows to complete the family in England. Everything in their lives seems to be normal. The men have their work to do, Jack goes off to a private school where he begins to make friends, and at twelve years old he’s a feisty boy that I could not help but to adore. He, like many boys and girls his age seems to have no control over the words that come from their mouths, so Jack is forever using a swear word to explain a certain activity, a feeling, or emotion. This earns him discipline from his dads by a verbal warning or a light smack. Security measures are taken with the whole family however nothing is that secure. If someone wants something that bad, they will find a way to it. And unfortunately for Jack, this is the case.

One afternoon after school, Jacks security guards come up dead and he missing, in the arms of terrorists. In the arms of Gadafi’s minions, to be precise. He is taken out of the U.K. in a crate, onto a boat, and into Italy with no notes as to his whereabouts from his kidnappers. This sets off a whole new slew of problems for his dads and the governments as well. These asses take a citizen of the U.S. who is living in the U.K as a hostage and demand the troops are withdrawn from Libya immediately.

David and his husband of course must go off on a mission to save their son and bring him home. This could not have been done without the military’s aid from both sides, so again we get to see David and Shane on a dangerous mission that could potentially kill them both.

Mr. Simpson knows his stuff. He creates a very believable world here with these characters, he uses real life events and weaves them into this wonderful series and this is not to say it’s without flaws or that the characters are perfect because if they were, it wouldn’t be so believable. This is to say that he, with all his years of experience, has brought to us an insight on how the inside system is, how the people are treated and how they feel and communicate. Too many times we, the public, are not shown that side of the faces in our government system, we only see a side the media allows for. So, it was and has been an interesting journey with the Condor Series and I for one will miss them. Expect a heavy plot in this book, less sex, and truly, with a plot such as this, a plot where the ex-president’s son has been kidnapped by murderers who would expect the characters to be in the mood anyway? There’s a time and place for sex, and I’m going to say, if it were my child in Jack’s shoes, sex would be the last damn thing on my mind, too. However, we do get to meet a certain prince hook up with someone close to David and Shane, and Mr. Simpson gives to his readers a look into their lives. I’m sure hoping he decides to take a bigger peak and writes their story.

Reviewed By: Michele



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  2. Thank you Lisa for a fair and warm review. I appreciate your following the series. I must admit, that I have had other requests to write a story involving the Prince and the new love in his life. I’m thinking about it, but I have another book ahead of it first. Hugs,

    John Simpson


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