Beyond the Traditional: Polyamory & Bisexuality in Fiction

Storm Moon Press is somewhat unique among independent e-presses in that we actively seek stories that go beyond the norm. We believe that romance does not need to restrict itself to the standard narratives that most people are used to. There are plenty of people out there who do not identify as monogamous or monosexual, and yet there is a distinct lack of fiction that features characters that can adequately speak to such non-traditional sets of values. That’s something that we’d like to see changed.

Bisexuality is sexual attraction to more than a single gender. It’s a trait that can be difficult to portray in a standard romantic story centered on two people falling in love. Too often, bisexual characters are confined to “ménage” tales where they are fetishized or portrayed as promiscuous, or “Gay For You” stories where they are erased entirely. However, there is more to bisexuality than having sex indiscriminately or waiting for “The One” to settle down with. A person’s sexuality goes beyond the relationship they are in at the moment, and writers should strive to avoid defining their characters in such black-and-white terms.

Polyamory is a relationship style built upon the idea of maintaining multiple partners simultaneously with the full knowledge and consent of all involved. The traditional “one-and-only” narrative doesn’t work for the polyamorous person. The “which one will the hero choose?” conundrum is answered by the polyamorous person as “why not both?” Writers used to these storylines may have particular difficulty writing for a polyamorous audience, but the lack of competition in the market may be an incentive to overcome those traditional romance tropes.

The gay and lesbian population is finding more and more positive examples of representation in fiction, and now bisexual and polyamorous people are looking for their own niche to be filled. Storm Moon Press is poised to cater to that need, but we need authors willing to reach beyond the traditional stories and speak to an audience looking for their voice.

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