Last Chance (First Impressions #3) by Josephine Myles

Title: Last Chance (First Impressions #3)
Author: Josephine Myles
Publisher: Torquere Press
Pages: 29
Characters: Steve Carter, Jez Smith
POV: 1st Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


Finding the strength to face up to your past is much easier with the love of a good man.

Surly artist Jez can hardly believe his good fortune in ending up in domestic bliss with a warmhearted man like Steve, but one morning a letter arrives, stirring up old hurts. Jez finds it hard to believe Steve will still want him when he reveals his sorry history. Steve, however, is determined to prove that he loves Jez just the way he is — and he’ll even do it before he finishes knitting his first pair of socks…


Six months have passed since Jez Smith stopped fantasizing about what Steve Carter would look like wearing nothing but his dazzling array of psychedelic socks. He doesn’t have to use his imagination any longer; now he can see them in full living color because the two men who began as strangers on the train, commuting back and forth to work each day, are now in a committed relationship.

Theirs is a story of opposites attract—the dreadlocked artist, and the clean cut editorial assistant—and their partnership works beautifully, though Jez sees reason to question why Steve would choose to spend his life with a man whose past is not only painful but is threatening to open wounds that Jez would prefer remain sealed, his family history buried behind the walls he’s built around those memories. Jez’s past went a long way to shaping the man he’s become, though his present, namely Steve and the unconditional love and support he provides, have already begun to transform Jez into someone he never imagined he could be.

A family crisis throws Jez into a tailspin that threatens his relationship, as the two men begin to avoid each other to escape the tension building between them. This growing distance is the first test of their commitment to each other, and it’s a difficult one, but it’s one they will have to overcome and face together. There’s something kind of beautiful about the way their love works—even when Jez is unsure it will be enough, Steve is right there to believe sufficiently for the both of them until he can convince Jez what they have with each other, the love they share, is all he needs to trust in.

Overcoming the pain of words that left deep emotional scars, finding a way to forgive and to heal before it’s too late is a journey Steve and Jez make together. Love is a life changing experience for Jez, for the man who was always disagreeable and distant, who was uncomfortable with public displays of affection. All Jez needs, in the end, is to know that he belongs to Steve and Steve belongs to him, and that is more than enough to see them through.

Last Chance is an incredibly touching addition to this clever and deliciously sexy series. Jez is the absolute perfect narrator, as the reader is able to witness not only his own insecurities but is given a true insight into how remarkable Jez’s evolution truly is, and how significant it is that he is able to admit he needs someone as much as he needs Steve.

Two words, Josephine: more please.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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