Alpha’s Prerogative by Charlie Richards

Title: Alpha’s Prerogative
Author: Charlie Richards
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 154
Characters: Declan, Lark
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 5


Declan McIntire, alpha of the Stone Ridge pack, spent over a century rejecting the daughters paraded under his nose, hiding his preference for a male. Scenting Lark Trystan at a pack BBQ, he’s ecstatic to discover the cute, sexy human is his mate. He’s even more pleased that Lark knows about shifters and has been interacting with them for months. Declan quickly realizes that instead the issue is his large size and dominant personality.

Since the pack alpha is straight, Lark can’t figure out why Declan’s suddenly taking an interest in him. He also doesn’t understand why he’s so drawn to the big man, especially considering his poor track record with relationships. Dominant men always seem to think he’d make the perfect punching bag, and Lark has the scars to prove it.

When Lark ends up in the hospital, Declan puts everything on hold, determined to take his mate home and prove that he’s nothing like Lark’s previous lovers. But not everyone in his pack is accepting of a gay alpha. Can Declan find a way to reconcile the two? Or will he have to choose between the pack he’s devoted his life to and the man who is quickly coming to hold his heart?


In the 2nd book in this series, Alpha’s Prerogative we get to see the Alpha of the Stone Ridge pack, Declan and his story. This picks up directly where the first book leaves off. The pack is at a BBQ hosted by Declan to welcome Rainy and Cliff’s mates and at the BBQ is Lark, a Doctor and friend to a few of the members in the pack.
Lark is a smaller man, he’s gay, and he has been horribly treated by a couple lovers in the past. This makes him a bit timid and unsure of himself as well as his future with another. So, he puts himself into his job. Then he meets the Alpha of the pack, Declan and he’s head over for the tall robust man with the bald head.

Declan has been the Alpha of the pack for a long time, the were is something like 150 years old, and his is a sad story. He’s single, he’s far from his home country, Ireland and he is sick and tired of all the women parading their daughters under his nose as his possible mate. None of them have the faintest idea that their Alpha is gay, in fact, Declan really didn’t put it together until he met Lark, not saying he didn’t have sex with other men, it’s just that shifters don’t know who their mates are, male or female until they meet them, if they ever do. So, once Declan meets Lark he knows that the man is his mate.

When Lark is hurt one night in the alley behind a gay bar he was at, Declan takes a step up and makes it known who Lark is, he cares for him, pampers him, and shows Lark its okay to trust him and in them. He also admires the way Lark is with his pack’s cubs and other members. The man truly cares and to him, it means everything. Lark is definitely a lot stronger than one would imagine.

This was a nice story, with a tad bit of angst and very likeable characters. The Irish thing for me is a touch of wow. I love the way they talk. I also really like the protective nature the wolves have for one another, especially their mates. This is a fast read full of lore, love, and lovely werewolves on the hunt for their mates.

Reviewed By: Michele


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