The Vampire’s Boy by Theda Black

Title: The Vampire’s Boy
Author: Theda Black
Publisher: TKB Books
Pages: 189
Characters: Jared, Levi and Jordan
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 4


Jared is your typical confused youth of today. All about the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll, his whole world is flipped upside down one night while walking home. A close encounter of the supernatural kind makes his views of everything spiral about him as he tries to grasp reality and get his life straight, along with his best friend Jordan, who isn’t ready to grow up just yet. Jared loves Jordan, but wishes it was enough.

Jordan is living in the moment. He loves his vices and loves hanging out with his best friend Jared. He still wants to do his drugs and have fun, confused at why Jared has been acting off and odd and pushing him away. He doesn’t know the secret his friend is hiding.

Levi, a creature of the night, turned by a rogue vampire, has become obsessed. Obsessed with his first “feast” that lived through the attack. Levi, though not evil, is a tragic villain from what has happened to his young, human life. But he can’t get Jared from his head. He is always on his mind. And his taste, always on his tongue.

Can Jordan get to Jared before it’s too late? Will he find out his secret and save his friend, his love, from the monster that wants every bit of Jared? And will Jared be able to break away from the creature of the night before he loses, not only Jordan, but his life as well?


The best thing about this story is, in an interesting way, Theda managed to make a coming of age story mix well with that supernatural suspense. She also doesn’t stray from the use of drugs and alcohol, which many teens get wrapped in with. The love the two boys have for each other is very real and very intense, being best friends first and then realizing that there is something more. It’s very sweet, but also very sad. Jared just wants to protect Jordan from Levi, even willing to put up his own life for him. I do enjoy the obsession Levi has for Jared. And how Jared doesn’t like it, but does all at the same time. Even with his love for Jordan there. Levi is a favorite of mine because, although he is the “bad guy”, he is also a tragic story all in himself. Not having the choice to be changed and having to deal with everything on his own. Showing that there are reasons for even the villains to be just that. Theda also makes the sex scenes very steamy and very visual, giving the book even more intensity.

I highly suggest this read. Especially for those all for the supernatural and even ones that haven’t gotten into the genre before.

Reviewed By: Seth



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