Variant Breed: Chris and Zach Book One by D.H. Starr

Title: Variant Breed
Author: D.H. Starr
Publisher: AI Press
Pages: 83
Characters: Chris, Zachary
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal
Kisses: 4


Across time, two hot immortals find each other. But is mutual passion enough?

Chris Molina is a MAP, a molecularly advanced person. Rejected by his family in the 18th century and sent out into the world alone at the age of twenty-five, he wanders through time, craving love and companionship. He finally settles down and establishes a homestead in Virginia where he meets the first of his own kind, Abigail DuMonte. Together they start a life, one where they can live openly and honestly. However, in spite of the love and friendship they share, something else important is missing: Soul-searing passion. Until…

When Chris meets Zachary Bishop, he’s found everything he’s ever wanted. Zach is handsome, intelligent, sweet, and craves the same things he does. However, Chris soon realizes that his dreams may come true at a cost. Although Abby is not his lover, they have a long and close history together that Chris doesn’t want to jeopardize. Is there room in his life for both Abby and Zach? What if he can never really find the family he’s longed for? Will Zach become simply a memory of erotic passion and unfulfilled longing? Three immortals on the brink of change…


This story is very definitely a one of a kind with it’s own agenda. As the blurb states Chris Molina is a MAP who has been rejected by his family because he saved the life of his nephew and not by jumping in front of a horse or anything of the sort. Chris saved him because of what he is and his abilities allow for him to merely touch another and “see” into their body and repair what is failing. Of course his family thinks it is the work of the devil and therefore will have nothing to do with him. He leaves Italy, his home country and ends up in America, where next we meet him as a tobacco plantation owner, with slaves and the whole nine yards. Chris treats his slaves well and is very close to a woman, her husband, and their child, Abby.

Before we know it we are advanced into the future and Chris and Abby are sharing a home, and Chris is now a doctor, apparently with his skills, he and Abby, who is also a MAP, will live for far longer than any mere human. However, no matter how long they’ve been alive, it’s plain to see that they are together but not. Chris is gay and he cannot love Abby in the way she wants him to, but they make whatever it is they have work. Then one day Chris receives a call from a fellow Doctor, his help is needed on a case and from the second Chris speaks to the man on the phone, sparks of sorts fly.

Welcome the third MAP, Zachary and he with his own set of special skills. Almost at once the two men realize they are meant to be together and a few dinners and walks pretty much seals their fate, with one small issue. Abby.

This is a very interesting story. I will admit though. I am not much of a science geek, so I had a heck of a time slipping into the character’s heads to even grasp or understand what was going on and how. But the author clearly did some amazing research or he could be a scientist himself? However it goes, this is just one story in what looks to be a series. Very unique plot and from the ending, I’m sure a very interesting book to follow.

Reviewed By: Michele


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