Alphabet Soup & I Like You by CB Conwy

Title: Alphabet Soup
Author: CB Conwy
Publisher: Torquere Books
Pages: 212
Characters: Andy, CK
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: BDSM
Kisses: 5


Andy knows exactly what he needs: scenes hard enough to take him out of himself. Then he meets CK, and everything is turned upside down. CK is relaxed and gentle and nothing like what Andy’s looking for. Despite that, or maybe because of it, Andy’s still attracted to the stranger.

CK is new to the city and the club, but definitely not to the scene. Andy’s ideas of BDSM are very different from CK’s, but there’s still something about the man that draws CK. Something fascinating and completely unpredictable. The results can be amazing scenes or complete disasters. Andy is difficult to get to know, and CK has to work hard to find the reason for Andy’s erratic behavior. CK is nothing if not stubborn, though. He’s very determined to help Andy, and Andy’s ready for it, but there’s so much Andy’s trying to forget.

Like the conscientious Dom he is, CK guides Andy’s recovery, one scene at a time. Very much against his principles, CK finds himself falling in love with the man he’s trying to help. Now he has to fight not only Andy’s past, but his own conscience as well.


CB Conway can take us on a BDSM journey to show the harder and the softer sides and does it with such ease that I’m in awe over the talent. In this book CB shows us the “softer” side in comparison to the other title in the series. Alphabet Soup brings to us the carpenter from Russian Bear, Andy, and a new comer CK who is a Dom. Now, at the start of this we see Andy subbing and literally takes a beating. He is so damaged within his own frame of mind on what it means to be a “good” sub and in order to find the “space” he’s supposed to be in he allows the Dom’s to tear him up. This really leaves him very damaged and distrusting.

Enter CK, a different type of Dom, one who can use his hands and his voice to put Andy into the subspace he so desperately needs and wants without bringing him the physical pains to which Andy has given over to. He didn’t see until it was too late that his prior Dom was anything but that. The man not only psychically abused Andy but he mentally abused him as well. By the time CK comes around, he has a big carpenter of a man who is but a shell of a person who knows nothing about truly submitting.

Wonderfully told story of healing and submitting and finding love as equals and as a Dom and his sub.

Reviewed By: Michele


Title: I Like You
Author: CB Conway
Publisher: Torquere Books
Pages: 17
Characters: Andy and CK
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: BDSM
Kisses: 4


Everything is good between Andy and CK, especially since they said those three little words to each other. Well, their very own version of them, anyway. That’s why CK’s so surprised when one day Andy is reluctant to have sex with him.

It turns out that Andy wants CK, but he doesn’t want the pain that his abusive ex-boyfriend inflicted on him when they had sex. CK is too much of a Dom not to seize the opportunity to push and take care of his sub, and giving in to someone you like turns out to be hotter than Andy could ever imagine.


The title of his short is quite simply, adorable. As this is a short off of Alphabet Soup and a small look into the lives of CK and Andy it’s only fair that I say why the title stands out. Andy was unable to repeat to his Dom, CK the three words most people need to hear from their loved ones. Instead he changes the middle word and CK quickly adapts and to them it’s all they need. The two men become closer, they share more of themselves and we get to see another small issue Andy is having that CK must work on.

As the two become closer, trust comes into play and each man steps up to the plate making this a great short.

Reviewed By: Michele


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