The Bachelor by Ryan Field

Title: The Bachelor
Author: Ryan Field
Publisher: Ravenous Romance
Pages: 152
Characters: Jim and several others
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Romance/Contemporary
Kisses: 5


Jim Johnston has been trying to break into show business for seven years, and now he has a chance to audition for a new reality show called The Gay Bachelor. But he missed the Hollywood auditions, so he has to travel back home to the deep rural country of Southern New Jersey and audition in Philadelphia.
Jim arrives at his parents’ old brick plantation style house for the first time since he graduated high school. When he sees how much they’ve aged since he’s been gone, it tugs at his heart and he tis determined to make things right again so it doesn’t take another seven years for him to return.
But this doesn’t stop Jim from having a quick affair with his mother’s maid’s strapping nephew while his mother and father are at church. And it doesn’t stop him from falling hopelessly in love with one of the producers of the new reality show, The Gay Bachelor, when he auditions in Philadelphia.
With all the obstacles Jim faces before the audition, he discovers a few things about himself he didn’t know. In spite of the disappointments…and a few awkward moments with a chocolate cupcake…he’s determined to concentrate more on love than on casual sex. Even though he’s not sure how it’s all going to work out in the end, he’s ready to take his chances for the sake of love


The Bachelor is one of those stories that captivates you from the start simply because the main character is so down and out fun to be with. He’s spontaneous, he’s fun, realistic, he’s a single gay man looking for love, in all the wrong places.

Jim Johnston has a goal in life, and that is to land a spot on a new reality show, The Gay Bachelor. However, he must fly back home, to Southern New Jersey to try out for it as he missed the tryouts in L.A. when they were in town. The biggest problem there is that he hadn’t been home in seven years, not since he came out to his parents and they took the news with less than happiness and support for their only son. So, he left the East Coast and went West, to Hollywood, with big plans on becoming a movie star, and he ends up meeting a girl Myra who ends up being his best friend and roomie. They have big dreams and their story is fun and down to earth. They are both working in the entertainment industry, just not their desired positions and they are both looking for the “one.” The right man to turn their worlds inside out, so to speak. Jim, who is sure he has no special talents lands a job working as a fluffer of sorts for an online live webcast “reality” porn show. Not exactly what he wants out of life, but it pays the bills and he loves all the men he works with. Maybe too much but hey, money IS the soul purpose for the job so…

Now, the one thing with Jim is that this man doesn’t go around making it obvious that he’s gay. He points it out a few times that he’s not the limp wristed, lisp talking, flamboyant gay man. In fact, he was team captain of his football team in high school, he was the one people looked up to, and he also is not one to hide that he’s gay. He just doesn’t act it. Basically his message here is that one never knows. And really? It’s not a big deal if one is or isn’t. We are all, just people. Now, the reason I bring this up is because he must at one time in the story become that gay man he is not and the POV from him is just too funny. Several times I had to laugh out loud, it was worthy of it.

Once Jim is back in his home state, back home with his parents, and yes, his parents have aged considerably since his departure all those years ago and he aches for the time missed. He loves them. And they him, even his hard headed father. So, Jim has this insatiable appetite for sex, this guy, while looking for the “one” has sex like more times in two days than I have fingers. He’s a hoot but once you read how and why, you’ll agree with me. Sex is Sex at that point. It’s not making love, nor is it love. After he has sex with his parents housekeeper/cook, several times and a secret is spilled, he decides to turn a new leaf and not do that anymore, not unless he’s certain the guy is the one for him.

Jim has his audition and meets someone he met in the airport on his way to his parents house and I have to say, chocolate cupcakes bring a whole new meaning than just dessert now.

The story is well done, tight plot, awesome characterization, the setting is wonderfully done, putting me there with the characters and believe it or not, I could feel that humidity index here in Colorado as Ryan described it in the story. Great job, Ryan. You made me see how they pick contestants for those so called reality shows in a new light. And how it’s possible to find love in the backseat of a car. OH, that was a dream. HAHA!

Reviewed By: Michele


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