The Duke of Orleans by John Simpson

Title: The Duke of Orleans
Author: Josh Simpson
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 96
Characters: Richard Giles and Philippe
POV: 3rd Person
Setting: London
Genre: Historical
Kisses: 3


Twenty year old Richard Giles is living on the streets of London in the year 1660, scrounging for food and shelter the best he is able after the closure of his place of employment and death of his mother.

After being given shelter for the night by a kindly old man Richard is back on the streets when an unfortunate incident brings him into contact with a man who may just change the direction of his life, for the better.


In 1660 King Charles was consumed by “The Restoration” of the English monarchy. He was so consumed that his subjects had to fend for themselves. Many people turned to crimes such as pick pocketing and petty theft. When caught they would serve time in Newgate Prison which was a corrupt and a cruel place for everyone. Richard Giles is trying his best to avoid falling in to this trap. He does not steal unless he was on the verge of starving.

Richard would at times stand outside a tavern and a gentleman would offer him a meal in exchange for sexual favors. During one of these times he meets Henry Walker who is a merchant by trade. Henry does not want any sexual favors rather company to enjoy a meal with and he sees that opportunity in Richard. After enjoying their meal Henry offers Richard a safe place for the night. A chance to take a bath and to sleep in a bed is a welcome relief for Richard.

Henry’s housekeeper darns and cleans Richard’s clothes so he almost looks respectful when he leaves the next day.

As Richard walks the streets of London in his newly laundered clothes he wonders where he will get his next meal. Richard meets Philippe, Duke of Orleans, during an accident with a coach driver. Philippe hires Richard as his valet and personal secretary. Thus ensuring he has a place to live and will never go hungry again.

As Richard is settling in to his new position Philippe invites him in to his bed. When Philippe is called to court of the King of England he helps Richard obtain a new station in life. Together Richard and Philippe will learn what love is about.

The Duke of Orleans by John Simpson is a book about a man down on his luck that meets his Prince Charming. While this book was not the best that I have read from John Simpson it was still an enjoyable read.

Reviewed By: Vonda


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