More Than Moonlight by Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea

Title: More Than Moonlight
Authors: Piper Vaughn & M.J. O’Shea
Published: Free Download at All Romance eBooks
Pages: Short Story
Characters: Shane Ventura, Jesse Seider
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Kisses: 5


First Night – Luck performs in front of an audience for the first time ever. How will they do?

Me Too – Shane and Jesse make things official and share their first sexual encounter.

For Real – When Shane uncharacteristically bails on their plans, Jesse is worried and goes to his house to investigate.


The three short stories in the More Than Moonlight collection are prequels to Moonlight Becomes You, the book that introduces us to and follows the journey of the boys in the bands Luck and Moonlight. And although they take place some ten years before the bands began their world tour together, I’m so glad I didn’t read “First Night”, “Me Too”, and “For Real” first. Why? Because knowing where Shane Ventura and Jesse Seider end up makes these small glimpses into where they began so much more sublime.

From Luck’s first gig at a high school dance to the promises Shane and Jesse make to each other that they will be forever, there is a bittersweet note to these tales. Promises are easily made when the world and what feels like an infinite future stand before you, but there are no guarantees in life or love. The promises are sincere, the intentions entirely pure, but fate has a way of derailing even the most heartfelt of plans.

Shane and Jesse ultimately learn that most painful of lessons, but for a short while there was only the two of them and the love they discovered that made them complete.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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