Love Is In The Hallways by R. J. Scott

Title: Love Is In the Hallways (Love #2)
Author: R.J. Scott
Publisher: Love Lane Books
Pages: Short Story
Characters: Luke Holston, Cameron Anders
POV: 3rd Person
Sub-Genre: Young Adult
Kisses: 5


Luke is still on cloud nine after what happened in the park with Cameron. He has a boyfriend and is in shock. At the same time he is completely and utterly head over heels in love.

Cameron wants to announce the two of them as a couple at school. He is adamant that together Luke and Cam can make changes in the way being gay is perceived at school.

Luke knows just what real life can be like. His heart wants to believe that Cameron is right but his head tells him differently.

When everyone starts to accuse Luke of changing Cameron he wonders if he can ever be happy in a relationship. Not just at school.


Love Is In the Title introduced us to Luke Holton and Cameron Anders, two teenage boys—one a jock, the other a self-professed nerd—who find their way to each other through the poetry of music.

In Luke, Cameron has finally found the courage to step out of the closet and profess his love for the boy who has loved him from afar for so long. A Friday evening spent in the park, kissing and dreaming of a future together, progresses in Love Is In the Hallways, as the boys face their first day of school since becoming a couple. Their dream of walking through the hallways, holding hands and stealing kisses between classes, evaporates in the cold light of reality as they return on Monday morning to find that the teenage rumor mill has been working overtime, and everyone now knows that their star football player is gay. And not only is he gay, but that Luke might be to blame for the deterioration of the team’s season.

Uncertainty and a horrific event from the past come back to haunt Luke, causing fear and anxiety to cast a bleak shadow over what was, only a few short days before, something bright with the hope and promise of first love. This is the heartbreaking story of what it means to be labeled as different simply because of whom you’ve fallen in love with. This is the story of the challenges faced by teens everywhere, whether they are gay or straight, short or tall, heavy, thin, ethnic—all the things that make us unique individuals—that shows intolerance and ignorance in its ugliest forms—shaming a person into hiding who they are, forcing them to toe a line to avoid the pain of intimidation and verbal torment.

R.J. Scott sets the perfect tone in this series, that delicate balance between elation and sorrow, hope and despair, which makes it, in my most humble opinion, a must read for fans of Young Adult fiction. This is a story of the power of friendship, of the strength that can be found in those who stand by you through the good and the bad, giving you the courage to live and love out loud.

Luke and Cameron have so much more to experience together, the potential for their relationship to shine on in spite of—perhaps even because of—those who would try to smother it in prejudice, and I look forward to following along on their journey, to witness their trials and triumphs, I hope, for a very long time to come.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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