For One Night Only by Anne Brooke

Title: For One Night Only
Author: Anne Brooke
Publisher: Amber Allure
Pages: 41
POV: 3rd
Kisses: 4.5


Jake Morrison’s position as Dom has been deeply shaken by his unwitting role in the recent death of his sub. When he’s allowed back into Langley’s Pleasure House after a six-month ban, he longs to make amends in any way possible.

Club-owner Langley’s surprising request for an unexpected encounter, however, tests Jake’s sense of purpose to the core. He’s willing to learn, but the lesson might not be one he expects..


Ms. Brookes does a wonderful job in the telling of this almost heartbreaking tale to the table for us. Jake Morrison opens the scene with him in his favorite BDSM club, a place he hadn’t allowed himself or hadn’t been allowed in since the death of his sub months before. He is there to find comfort, if not in the patrons who scorn him for his irresponsibleness, then in the atmosphere and the comfort it brings to his Dom side. He is approached by the club owner, Langley, who grills him and invites him to his office so Jake can tell him in his own words what happened the last night of his meeting with Andrew his sub, who killed himself shortly after their scene went horribly wrong.

Langley surprises Jake with a proposition that will test Jake’s ability to be a Dom in his own right and that scene is by far very well written and very true to what a broken Dom must think like when his inability to be sure his sub is good on all fronts of their lives. He must learn there is more to being someone’s Master than an occasional sexual meeting of the bodies.

I loved this short and can only say that Ms. Brooke has once again brought to us a wonderful story with a strong couple I hope to see more of.

Reviewed By: Michele



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