Play Along (At Play #1) by Mathilde Watson

Title: Play Along (At Play #1)
Author: Mathilde Watson
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 186
Characters: Mark Nelson and Chance Marshall
POV: 3rd POV
Genre: Contemporary
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4


Twenty-five years ago Mark Nelson was ready to take on the world; just as soon as his lover-turned-business-partner returned from summer vacation. Instead, Mark received an invitation to his lover’s wedding and his dreams came to an abrupt end. Could the unexpected invitation to the couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary give Mark the motivation he needs to start living again, or propel him into greater despair?

Chancellor Marshall has finally worked up to courage to ‘come out’ to his parents, but he probably shouldn’t have chosen the week of their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary to do it. Could the comfort he finds in the arms of a sexy stranger provide shelter from the fall-out, or will he heap even more troubles onto his life?


Ms. Watson wonderfully written May/December romance is the start of her new series At Play. The main characters, Mark and Chance, grab you from the beginning and you can’t help but hope they end up with a happily ever after. When Play Along starts we are introduced to a young Mark and his lover Nate. When Nate marries Mark’s heartbreak comes through so clearly that you will want to cry right along with him. Once he has come to terms with Nate’s betrayal and is ready to move forward long time friend Ricky is there to step in. The author eludes to the happiness these two had during there time together just as she pulls the rug out from under Mark and the reader. Even though I knew Mark was destined to meet up with Chance the way in which Ms. Watson ended the relationship between Mark and Ricky made me gasp.

Chance is Nate’s son and comes into the story at the same time that she throws Mark and Nate together again. Chance knows nothing of his father’s past and therefore is worried about coming out. Even though he is expecting the worse he decides to come out while visiting his parents for their anniversary. When Nate comes between Chance and his boyfriend Chance decides to get back by hitting the bars. In some ways Chance is still an innocent and it looked like his first stop is going to be more than he can handle. Chance’s outing had trouble written all over it and I loved that the author used this time to introduce Chance and Mark for the first time. The chemistry between them is very, very intense from the moment of their first kiss.

As you would think the men’s connection is a surprise to both of them and the way they found out made me want to smack the s**t out of Nate. However, Chance and Mark get the upper hand and the author did a great job wrapping this first story up. I can’t wait to see how the rest of this series plays out and planned to re-read Play Along again soon.

Reviewer: Lydia


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