On My Knees by Tristram La Roche

Title: On My Knees
Author: Tristram La Roche
Publisher: Etopia Press
Pages: 121
Characters: Mark, Attila
POV: 1st person
Setting: London
Sub-Genre: Romance
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4


Surviving on alcohol and antidepressants, Mark staggers through his unhappy marriage and watches his London architectural business head for the rocks. When another nasty argument with his wife sends him to the gym to blow off steam, a tall, dark stranger enflames a part of him he’s denied all these years, trying to convince himself he’s not “weird.” But Mark’s not weird, he’s gay. And after a taste of Attila’s lips, nothing can put that genie back in the bottle…


On my Knees is the touching and romantic love story of a man, Mark, who has spent ten years struggling through a tragic mistake of a marriage. Battling with the depression that comes along with the disillusionment of conforming to others’ expectations, Mark goes through the motions of life without actually participating in it. Mark doesn’t live as much as he simply endures.

Anti-depressants and alcohol are the means he uses to cope with a life that includes little more than work and fighting with his wife. It’s no way to exist—the denial and frustration taking their toll on him emotionally and physically. It’s on a whim, on an evening after a particularly awful fight with his wife, that Mark makes a trip to the gym to burn off some of his excess frustration; it’s the night his life changes forever, the night a perfect stranger draws Mark out of his hiding place and into the life he’s meant to lead.

Mark and Attila realize an immediate attraction to each other, complicated by Mark’s domestic situation. It’s a situation Attila understandably doesn’t want to become involved in. But where there’s love, there are answers. Those answers, however, can sometimes be difficult to find. The two men go through their share of uncertainties in the journey to their happy ending, but it’s a journey that, as a reader, it’s a pleasure to follow.

Tristram La Roche’s debut novella is a treat for the diehard romantic in all of us. Poignant and sweet, it’s a celebration of the sort of love that sneaks up on Mark and Attila, not like a welcome breeze on a warm day; rather, it’s the sort of love that hits like a hurricane and sweeps the two men away, powerless against it.

This is a story of second-chances and new beginnings; of taking charge of your own happiness and the direction of your future; of finally believing that who you truly are is far better than the person you’ve pretended to be, and all the excitement, trepidation, and difficulties that go along with it.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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