Haunted by Vincent Diamond

Title: Haunted
Author: Vincent Diamond
Publisher: JMS Books LLC
Pages: 14
Characters: Steven Pershing, Conrad Stalton
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Clearwater, Florida
Sub-Genre: Contemporary drama
Cover Rating: 3
Kisses: 4


Steven and Conrad have a weird relationship, one Steven can’t figure out no matter how many times he looks at it. After weeks of hot sex and sweaty grappling Steven finds himself taking a romantic stroll on the beach with a woman, and the confusion he feels about his life overwhelms him.

This story appears in the author’s print collection, Rough Cut.


Vincent Diamond’s Haunted isn’t the story of a man visited by ghosts, at least not of the paranormal variety; rather, it’s the story of Steven, an undercover policeman who’s haunted by the memories of a brief and unexpected sexual encounter with a man he was investigating.

Confused by his feelings, unable to forget, unsure of how it all defines him, and uncertain of how the experience has changed him, if at all, Steven shares a few brief memories and left me wishing for more. With no sense of resolution to the story, this one is poised to haunt the reader as well.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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