Where He Belongs (Belonging #2) by Rachel Haimowitz

Title: Where He Belongs (Belonging #2)
Author: Rachel Haimowitz
Publisher: Storm Moon Press
Pages: 31 (.pdf)
Characters: Daniel Halstrom
Setting: Contemporary/Alternate Reality
Sub-Genre: Fantasy/Alternate History
Cover Rating: 4


The hottest name in network news is Daniel Halstrom. He is a sensation, a rising star. He is also a slave, owned wholly and completely by NewWorld Media.

But before he was a star, he was a frightened child from a bad place with a promising, if limited, future ahead of him. In The New Kid, young Daniel begins his schooling. Then, for a slave, the simple pleasure of a Bathroom Break is sometimes the only pleasure to be had. Later, Daniel doesn’t know it, but A Chance Encounter might be the most important of his life. Next, in Camera Obscura, one of Daniel’s colleagues reflects on the fact that as much as the camera may show, it can hide even more. Finally, when you’re a slave, Independence Day is just another day.

Exclusive Bonus Content!

Excerpt from Anchored by Rachel Haimowitz, the debut novel in the Belonging series
The never-before-published prologue to Anchored
A sneak peek at Counterpunch, the upcoming Belonging novel by Aleksandr Voinov


Imagine a world in which owning another human being was never declared to be illegal or immoral, a world where people are considered a commodity, bought and sold, objectified, trained to become Companions, serving the sexual whims of the freemen.

Imagine a world in which a man is expected to achieve a certain level of sophistication, encouraged to engage the mind, to acquire knowledge, yet doesn’t possess the free will to use that knowledge for personal advancement or gain.

Imagine a world in which a man’s potential to succeed is limited not by his ability to learn but by the restrictions placed upon him by those who own him, a world in which a man’s intellect is tempered by the incessant need to remember his station in life.

Subjugation is a natural part of the social stratum in the 21st century. A man can be owned by another man, or, in the case of Daniel Halstrom, he can be owned by a corporation, can become a cog in the machine that is NewWorld Media, but must always remember that he is nothing—nothing more than a ghost in the machine of a society that doesn’t see him as equal.

Where He Belongs is a collection of short stories that introduce the reader to the world created in Anchored, an alternate universe that provokes the question, what if? What if slavery had never been abolished? What if every single choice in life was limited by the fact that you didn’t have the freedom to stay the course of your own future? What if the bitter irony of celebrating Independence Day every July 4th was nothing more than a mockery of your bondage?

Each of these stories succeeded in drawing me into the Belonging world, and though I haven’t read Anchored, it didn’t prevent me from understanding or becoming invested in them, the characters, and the lives they lead. What it did serve to do was make me want to go back to the beginning and delve a little deeper into the alternate reality Rachel Haimowitz has so skillfully created.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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