To Save a Shining Soul by S.A. Garcia

Title: To Save a Shining Soul
Author: S.A. Garcia
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Pages: 122
Characters: Marius, Tristan Gordon
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Hell/Santarém, Brazil
Sub-Genre: Fantasy
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4


Sentenced to Hell for killing his betraying lover and himself, Marius is content to be a slacker. Sure, he seduces the occasional traffic violation into committing mass murder, but mostly, he enjoys hanging in his sweet ’comb and schmoozing with the other demons. Anything is better than being thrust into the Bank of Souls and thrown back into the Human world of pain and humiliation.

So when Marius discovers his cushy assignment is hanging by a thread, he vows to do anything and everything vile and reprehensible to keep his station in Hell, even if it means seducing young divinity student Tristan Gordon to keep him from realizing that his place in Hell is completely accidental. But Tristan is both clever and beguiling, and no one is more surprised to discover Marius has gone from seducer to protector than Marius himself.


S.A. Garcia’s To Save a Shining Soul is a light little romp through Hell, telling the story of Marius, a Roman who descended to the underworld in the year 14 B.C. after an act of murder/suicide.

A resident for centuries, Marius is a bit of an underachiever, as he’s never ascended through the ranks above a mere Senior Leaper, the reasons for his lack of ambition nothing more than he just isn’t quite demonic enough to break through the brimstone ceiling into the upper echelon of evil demon-dom.

Enter Tristan Gordon, who, through a clerical error, ends up a resident of the nether realms. Tristan was a theology student whose untimely and accidental death was ruled a suicide; thus, he gave Heaven a miss and headed straight to the big below, quite the rude awakening for a man who never told more than a white lie during his lifetime.

Assigned as Tristan’s protector by the Dread Lord Asmodeus, Marius is given the assignment of seducing Tristan into unwittingly consigning his innocent immortal soul to Hell for all eternity. But that’s only part of the plot, as there are more things in Heaven and Hell than either Marius or Tristan can begin to imagine.

To Save a Shining Soul is a fun and funny little story. The author’s interpretation of life-after-death, as well as who, where, and what that all entails was an imaginative and entertaining tongue-in-cheek fantasy.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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