Heart Thief by Claire Thompson

Title: Heart Thief
Author: Claire Thompson
Publisher: Romance Unbound Publishing
Pages: 113
Characters: Luke Malone, Glenn Griffin, Sawyer Croft
POV: 3rd
Setting: Contemporary
Sub-Genre: BDSM/Menage/Romance
Book Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 5


After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn’t stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.

After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more. However, all too soon Glenn tires of his latest boy toy. To clear the path for his next conquest, Glenn sends Luke on a business trip to an East Texas ranch in which he has an investment interest. There Luke meets Sawyer, a man with very different ideas about erotic submission and mixing pain with pleasure. In addition to bondage, suspension and whips, with Sawyer there is also tenderness, affirmation and a deep sensual bond like none Luke has ever experienced.

On his own path in search of meaning through spiritual D/s and erotic pain, Sawyer has had troubles of his own. With Luke, he embarks on a journey that opens both their worlds in ways neither had ever imagined. That is, until Glenn decides he wants his boy back. And what Glenn wants, Glenn gets


In Heart Thief, Claire Thompson brings to the table a new view on BDSM and the characters involved. With this story she clearly defines the fine line between a good and bad Dom, how he can abuse his sub or take him on a journey filled with trust and love. Heart Thief takes us beyond a typical BDSM story, beyond a man who is a natural submissive who seeks to find his subspace through the masterful hands of a Dom, this story shows a whole different side of how two men reach that magic place both Dom/sub yearn for.

Luke Malone, an ex-military man is working in a Las Vegas casino as a security guard when he meets very wealthy Glenn Griffin, a Dom who sees right away that Luke is a submissive man who hasn’t yet grabbed that side of his life, and Glenn moves in like a hawk to his prey. He talks Luke into quitting his job to relocate to Houston TX to both work for him and be Glenn’s boy toy. After a night of amazing sex, weeks of Internet sex, Luke gives up his life in Vegas and agrees to become Glenn’s newest security guard as well as submissive lover.

What should have been a wonderful journey for both Dom/sub, turned into round after round of less than desirable sexual encounters between the two men. Claire handles this relationship with tact, she really makes you look at Glenn and makes you dislike him almost immediately.

Glenn grows tired of his new toy and sends him off into the middle of nowhere Texas to gather a report on a possible new investment opportunity at a ranch run and owned by a father and son team Ben Croft and his son, Sawyer. Sawyer is a wounded Dom who isn’t looking for love, or even someone to have sex with when he meets Luke but that quickly changes within a day in the other man’s company. He sees loneliness and pain in Luke’s eyes and is bound and determined to chase away those demons in Luke’s life by showing the younger man a different way to submit to his Dom by finding the right balance within himself spiritually.

Tragedy strikes the couple by way of Glenn and it is then that Luke finds his true self, his true center, his true submission.

This is a very interesting take on BDSM and I enjoyed it. The men in the story are in every sense of the word, equals. Luke finds that to be a submissive lover, to be who he was born to be, isn’t admitting to being a lesser man, it means more. Much more. Claire did a wonderful job with the characterization, the plot, the setting, and though this is a BDSM love story, she kept it lighter than her other M/M BDSM stories. Sawyer is a gentle Dom but make no mistake, he’s every bit the Master.

Reviewer: Michele



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