Who Better than Canyon by DC Juris

Title: Who Better than Canyon
Author: DC Juris
Publisher: Breathless Press
Pages: 58
Characters: Canyon, Simon, Robert, Natalie
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Contemporary
Sub-Genre: Romance/Drama
Cover Rating: 3
Kisses: 4


Canyon shoulders the guilt of his ex-lovers death, remembering the last night of Robert’s life. Robert came to beg Canyon to come back. He refused because of Robert’s refusal to leave his wife and was unwilling to play second. After the argument that ensued, Robert stormed out angry and upset, unknowing to Canyon this would be the last time he saw him.

Canyon now carries a heavy burden believing he is guilty of his ex-lovers death. The angry and vengeful widow, Natalie, denied Canyon his final goodbyes, refusing his entrance to the funeral. The only solace offered Canyon is in the reading of the will, finding he has been left a sizeable amount of money and a request to deliver the dire news of his ex-lovers death to an unknown man half way across the country. Unable to ever say no to Robert, Canyon finds himself boarding a plane to fulfill this last request.

Simon watches as a young, strapping giant is dropped off on his front porch carrying the dire news of his old friend’s untimely death, holding a letter s addressed to Simon sure to include his friend’s final thoughts. The letter first explains the reason for his death asking Simon to respect his wishes for why he took his death into his own hands. Second, he is asked to take care of Canyon, as Robert describes is a bit gun-shy but perfect for Simon. Simon finds himself inviting the young grief stricken man as a guest into his home.


Who Better than Canyon is an endearing tale of two souls brought together through the loss of a loved one.

DC Juris beautifully captures the realism of the human spirit to deal with the loss of a loved one, the unique hardships each person experiences learning to let go of the past and finding the strength to embrace the future. This is a must read for any who have loved and lost.

Reviewed By: Kate


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