Who Better Than Canyon And Simon To Answer A Few Questions?


Did you ever go and visit Robert’s gravesite and allow yourself to say goodbye?

I did, finally. I wasn’t going to, but a part of me knew I needed to say goodbye, and I think Simon did, too. Simon and I went on the one-year anniversary of Robert’s death. We sat and chatted, told Robert all about what we’d been up to. And of course, we had wine.

Did Natalie ever dispute Robert’s will and what he left to you?

::chuckle:: I’m sure she wanted to, but Robert was a guy with all his ducks in a row, if you know what I mean. I think she knew she wouldn’t win.

What made you decide to get on the plane?

Loyalty to Robert. Like Simon said, it wasn’t like anyone would’ve known I’d been asked to do this, but I would’ve known. Robert trusted me to handle it, and I knew I had to. Plus, I was carrying a lot of guilt over his death at that point.

What kept you from peaking at the letter left to Simon from Robert?

Two things—on the one hand, it really wasn’t any of my business. Just that simple. If he’d meant me to read the letter, he wouldn’t have sealed the envelope. That’s logic. On the other hand, I think I was probably a little nervous of finding something important there. I knew I wasn’t the only man Robert had ever been with, but…there was always this look on his face when he’d mention his friend on the coast. I guess I didn’t want to know he’d loved someone else.

Simon is obviously a wine drinker, what is your drink of choice?

::laughs:: Wine drinker is an understatement. He’s a lush! Personally I could take or leave the stuff. I like Gatorade. ::shrugs:: What can I say? I grew up in the Arizona heat!

What did you think of Simon when you first saw him?

Honestly I thought he was adorable. He’s one of those little guys that a big guy like me just wants to put in his pocket and keep. ::laughs:: I’d never been attracted to someone that intensely that quickly. He was a challenge. He can be an ass, yanno. ::wink::

Knowing you were both lovers of Robert, did that bring you and Simon closer as companions or was it an obstacle in your early relationship?

Both, at times. After I read Robert’s note, there was a bit of a weight on my shoulders, like…I had to make it work with Simon no matter what. But after a while, it was almost comforting. I trusted Robert, and if he thought Simon and I would work, well…then we would.

Deciding to stay with Simon, did you ever find a love of the ocean and the beach?

Jesus Christ, NO! I really hate the water. We went back to the beach a few times, and every time it was disastrous. I cut my foot on a shell, I got an ear infection from swimming, and the last time I stepped on a decapitated fish head because I was paying more attention to Simon The Merman than where I was walking. That did it for me. ::laugh::

Why did you choose stay so long as a house guest?

You know, I’m still not really sure. Curiosity, I guess, was a large part of it. Most of the guys I’d dated in the past wanted one thing from me, and they didn’t really want to commit to get it. But there was Simon, not trying to get into my pants. Part of me wanted to know what I had to do to get him to raise an eyebrow. ::laughs:: I won’t say there weren’t times when I didn’t feel like I’d overstayed. I mean, really…who goes to a stranger’s house and stays that long? It’s just not normal.

What did you do while Simon was working on his art?

You mean after he finally let me back into the studio? ::chuckle:: I watch him work a lot. I really just love it. He gets this look of inner peace when he’s painting, even when he’s frustrated with it, I can tell he’s so into it. I’ve never known anyone who could give themselves up to something so completely, and it’s amazing to watch.

After dinner at the “Jazzy’s Restaurant “ and things ended on a sour note, why did you continue to stay an additional month with Simon? Did either of you talk things out or just follow a basic comfortable routine?

Oh, God. You had to bring up the Jazzy’s Incident. Yeah. Not my finest hour. ::groan:: We didn’t talk much that night. I kept trying to find the right moment to apologize but it just never came. The next day, I think both of us just wanted to try and focus on what was next. We did sort of have a routine.

How are you and Simon doing now? What is in store for you two in the future?

We’re actually doing great. We spent a week in bed—and not because Simon was sick—::wink:: and then went to Arizona to get my things. I’m currently looking for a job. Not because we need the money, I just want something to do.

Do you ever plan to try and reconcile with your family?

I’m still close with my sister. She’s been out to Pratt’s Hollow a few times to see us. I think she was happier than I was that I’d finally found someone. And she’s insisting on being my Best Man at my wedding. Which we can finally have now. ::grin::

What did you decide to do with the money Robert left you?

::smile:: I really did donate some of it to charity. Part of it I invested for our future. I gave my sister some of it. With the rest, I bought Simon a store down in the town square, so he can display and sell his art easier. He’s even opened up a little school for local aspiring artists. He won’t tell you, but he’s a great teacher.


What made you decide to leave Robert?

His wife. ::chuckle:: It wasn’t sharing him, though. I’ve dated bisexual guys before – I have no problem sharing a man with a woman. Just not her. ::grin::

Why did you allow Canyon to stay so long as a guest? You both argued over everything and communication seemed minimal, why didn’t you kick him out?

Robert’s note. Robert asked me to take care of Canyon, and he obviously wanted us together. Even when Robert and I weren’t a couple, I trusted his judgment.

Spending so much time together, what was your normal daily routine? What was Canyon’s in the first few months?

::laugh:: Canyon doesn’t sit still very well. He single-handedly organized my entire house. We spent a lot of time seeing the sights, although that didn’t take very long.

How often do you work on your art?

I work on it every day my body allows me.

What do you do in your free time? What did you and Canyon do for fun besides eating out and dancing?

Besides the beach, there isn’t much to do in Pratt’s Hollow. The closest movie theatre is in the next town, and there isn’t anything like a mall for an hour or so in all directions. Before Canyon, I would spend a lot of my time either working on my art, or at the beach, but Mister Arizona Dust doesn’t like the water. ::chuckles:: I do love to dance, though, and once you get a couple in Canyon, he’s not too bad on his feet. Don’t tell him I said that, though. ::grin::

What do you and Canyon have in common? Likes and dislikes?

It doesn’t seem like it, but actually we have a lot in common. We’re both interested in conservation and green living. Obviously gay rights are a big thing for us both. But beyond that we like the same kinds of movies—we’re both horror nuts—and I’ve finally given in and upgraded to a DVR, so we have all the old-time shows like Batman recorded now.

Has Canyon gotten over his aversion to the ocean and beach?

Definitely not. ::laugh::

Have you ever visited Robert’s grave? Will you and Canyon visit together or is that a closed chapter in your life?

We actually went back on the one-year anniversary of Robert’s death. It was a very special trip.

Have you met or plan to meet Canyon’s family?

I’ve met his sister, Bonnie, and she’s a hoot and half. I honestly love that woman. She treats me like family, which I really appreciate, and more than that, she’s good to Canyon. I haven’t met any of his other family yet. They treated him horribly when he came out, and he still isn’t ready to let go of that. I’m hopeful that they can reconcile, but I’m not going to push him.

Will you move or have you decided to stay in Pratt’s Hallow?

I won’t say I’ll never leave Pratt’s Hollow, but I can’t imagine doing so. I fell in love with this place the day I stepped off the airplane.

How is your health? Have you seen a doctor yet?

My health is actually a lot better now. Canyon has been a powerhouse in finding new treatments and some natural therapies. He’s got me doing meditation and I’ve started taking Tai Chi, which is helping a lot. He’s found a ton of supplements that are supposed to be helpful and he takes the information to my doctor when he finds it. He’s even got me wearing magnets. ::chuckle:: Just a bunch of things I’d always laughed off as bullshit, and I was wrong. And amazingly enough, with that under better control, so is my depression. Go figure, huh?

What are your plans for the future?

Happiness. ::smile:: For once. It’s a nice feeling to have someone who appreciates the things I can do, and doesn’t look down on me for the things I can’t. I’ve got a small art school going—Canyon funded a store front down in the town square which ::shakes head:: was just far more than I’d ever imagined I’d have. I’ve done well with my art, don’t get me wrong, but this collaboration has been amazing.

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