The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott

Title: The Soldier’s Tale (Fitzwarren Inheritance #2)
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 132
Characters: Daniel Francis, Sean Lester
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Steeple Westford, England
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance/Mystery
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 4.5


Corporal Daniel Francis has returned to his childhood home in England to heal; the only one of his unit that survived a roadside bomb. His reasons for skipping medication are based on a stubborn refusal to become an addict, and he is overwhelmed with survivor’s guilt.

Doctor Sean Lester has joined his father’s surgery and when he is held at knife point by a patient high on drugs it is Daniel that leaps to his rescue-much to his horror.

When Sean nearly runs Daniel down in the dark he finds a man who needs help, and resolves to be the person to show Daniel that it is possible to live through guilt and find happiness.

Set against the backdrop of the Fitzwarren family curse, The Soldiers Tale is a story of one man’s fight to find his place in a new world outside of the Army.

Will Daniel and Sean fill the second of three cryptic conditions that can lift the curse?


Late in the year 1644, Jonathan Curtess, a man set to burn at the stake—an act of jealousy and revenge—speaks a curse that will follow the descendents of his persecutor, Belvedere Fitzwarren, through the generations. For centuries, the Fitzwarren clan will suffer hardship, grief, and misfortune until the curse can be broken. The three steps to breaking the curse can be found in the Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy a series of books that began with Chris Quinton’s The Psychic’s Tale and will end next month with The Lord’s Tale by Sue Brown.

In this installment, The Soldier’s Tale, RJ Scott delivers the second piece to the puzzle that will bring those involved closer to releasing themselves from the bonds of the spell that haunts them.

A premature baby clinging to life by a thread is the latest tragedy to befall the Fitzwarren clan, a child who might escape the curse if ”the warrior and the healer stand to swear a sacred bond.”

Daniel Francis, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan, has been invalided out of the Army. His team decimated in a roadside explosion, Daniel is one of only two soldiers to have escaped with his life. Scarred, both physically and emotionally, the stress and trauma to his body and his mind begin to take their toll on the embattled man. His pain and guilt threaten to debilitate him, turning him into a reclusive and tormented soul—tormented by the losses he’s suffered, as well as by the dreams that haunt him, showing him scenes he can neither comprehend nor forget. Daniel is nearly crippled by the pain he suffers, yet refuses to depend on the medications that would numb him to his injuries and his life. His decision to soldier through his affliction is one that brings him face-to-face with his future: Dr. Sean Lester.

Sean has followed in his father’s footsteps, becoming a physician serving in the small village of Steeple Westford where the elder Dr. Lester has served for years. Dr. Lester Sr. is Daniel’s attending physician—whether that’s to Daniel’s benefit, however, is questionable—especially when he and Sean meet under the worst of circumstances, and the young doctor must weigh his more modern professional course of treatment against that of his father’s.

Daniel and Sean form an uneasy bond in the beginning. Sean’s kindness and compassion are tested by Daniel’s remorse and anguish, something Sean is determined to work against to help heal Daniel’s wounded psyche and to show the man that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder. Their bond sets another piece of the puzzle in place, putting the Fitzwarren clan that much closer to deliverance from the curse.

RJ Scott has delivered not only a compelling addition to the saga but has also written a story with so much heart and emotion, filled with adversity and angst and ultimately, love and healing—which truly is her trademark and her talent. I’ve come to depend on it with every one of the books she writes.

Mark and Jack from The Psychic’s Tale weave perfectly into this book, seamlessly bringing the circle one step closer to completion. The sacred bond between the one who reads the earth and the one who sees beyond, between the warrior and the healer are complete.

Now it’s time to see what Sue Brown has in store as a close to this terrific series.

Reviewed By: Lisa


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