Deefur Dog by RJ Scott

Title: Deefur Dog
Author: RJ Scott
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Pages: 109
Characters: Cameron Jackson, Jason Everson
POV: 3rd person
Setting: Tacoma, Washington
Sub-Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Rating: 4
Kisses: 5


For over a year, widowed Cameron Jackson has tried to juggle his business with childcare for his two year old daughter…all while living with Deefur, a Great Dane who believes he rules the house.

Nannies last a day; some don’t even make it through the front door if the self-proclaimed ruler doesn’t approve. Something has to give. Enter Jason Everson, nanny, teacher in training, apparent dog whisperer, and the only man who seems to make it past the initial scrutiny of the king. Can Jason help Cam put his house in order and help to heal his heart?


It’s been a horrifying eighteen months for Cameron Jackson, trying to maintain some sense of normalcy while managing his grief, a growing construction business, his two year old daughter, and a one-hundred forty pound pony of a pup, whose obedience training was lost somewhere in translation and the transition of Cam becoming a single parent.

Becoming a widowed father was not on the list of plans Cam and his husband Mark had made when they began to build their family, but fate, chance, misfortune; whatever name you give it, it derailed the future for the family and left Cameron attempting to cope on his own, while managing to make way through every nanny the agency has to offer.

At the end of his tether and out of options, Cam is forced to face the reality that something in his life must give in order for him to succeed and move forward. As much as change is one of life’s absolutes, second chances can sometimes be found too, and often in the most unexpected of places. Hope can be found, not in something but in someone. Jason Everson becomes that second chance: for Cam, for Emma, and especially for Deefur.

Deefur Dog is a touching and heartwarming family story filled with warmth, humor, and the belief in the power of love. Finding one soul mate in a lifetime is a gift; finding two is a miracle, and that wonder is wrapped up in a story revolving around truly wonderful characters.

If you’re a fan of the sweet and sentimental, with a healthy dose of romance and authentic emotion to top it all off, you’ll love Deefur Dog.

Reviewed By: Lisa



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