Hotwired Heart (Tales From Rainbow Alley #1) by Jaime Samms

Title: Hotwired Heart (Tales from Rainbow Alley #1)
Author: Jaime Samms
Publisher: Total E-Bound
Pages: 51
POV: 3rd
Characters: Roland, Marky
Book Cover Rating: Generic Cover
Kisses: 4


A good car thief needs sixty seconds, but grand theft heart might take even less time than that.

Freedom and trust; opposite sides of the same coin that could give expert car thief, Marky, the win he’s looking for. Little does he know escaping his gang ties will lead him through heartbreak and into cuffs he hadn’t even thought to watch out for.

Now he can trust the powerful man who wants to help, or he can keep running. It all depends on how much he values his freedom, and whether or not Roland has managed the impossible; hijacking Marky’s carefully guarded heart.


Hotwired Heart is the first story in the Rainbow Alley series and it sure starts things off with a bang. Marky and his ex hotwire a car in record time and make the getaway, then something happens Marky’s ex is killed leaving him on his own to escape the Greenbacks, a gang in the series. He finds himself in a BDSM club in a better part of town where he feels out of place. While in the club he’s almost raped and then saved by a man that has the power to offer Marky a better life.

Roland is a Dom and the owner who saved Marky and soon finds himself in love with the younger man and is ready and willing to do what he has to, to keep Marky safe and with him. The problem here is Marky, he can’t seem to just settle, he wants more from himself. And he drives himself to achieve his own goals to free himself of his past so he can give himself fully to Roland.

This is a great story of how life probably is somewhere in the world. In your backyard and in mine. Jaime holds no bars, she never does. Great plotline, wonderful real characters, believable narrative, and a great start to a new series.

Reviewer: Michele


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