Blood Pond Resurfacing by D.J. Manly

Title: Blood Pond Resurfacing
Author: D.J. Manly
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Characters: August, Bruce
Sub-Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Pages: 207
POV: 3rd
Book Cover Rating: 5
Kisses: 5+


Another young boy’s head is found in the Blood Pond, and August must try to keep his head while he searches for the killer. All this time, August and Bruce have tried to put the past behind them and build a life together, only to be reminded of the terrible circumstances that brought them together in the first place.

With few clues and no witnesses, August feels like a fish out of water, trying to deal with the memories of his own brother’s murder years earlier. Bruce’s assertions that someone is after him also weighs heavily on his mind, making him wonder if Bruce isn’t insane after all.

Questions that were never truly answered resurface along with the boy’s head in the Blood Pond. Is the killer still out there, or has he been at August’s side all along?


Blood Pond Resurfacing is going on my top ten for 2011. Talk about a non-stop story with gripping suspense and all too real characters with added amazing description…WOW. This one here has it all.

B.P.R picks up right where B.P. left off, and D.J. took me on a very interesting journey that even had me thinking the way he probably wanted me to think only to twist it up and make me cock my head to the side wondering and saying O.M.G., that can’t be as my finger stayed on my reader to flip the page. I’m not kidding you here, I read it in one sitting and searched for more pages at the end.

Once again a head of a teen boy is found in Blood Pond while August and Bruce is in town, and all clues left lead the Chief of police right to Bruce. August is really in turmoil at the thought that Bruce’s past left a bigger scar than he originally thought. I mean he thinks he knows the guy after four years but it turns out he doesn’t. A series of events play out and I dare not give one of them away in fear of ruining this amazing story for you. I can only encourage you to read this series and if you read Blood Pond, please get this follow up. You will not be sorry. Promise you.

D.J. Did IT Again!!

Reviewer: Michele



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