The Hood of Justice by Mark Alders

Title: The Hood of Justice
Author: Mark Alders
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Pages: 154
POV: 3rd
Sub-Genre: Paranormal Romance
Book Cover Rating: 5
Kisses: 5


Rookie police officer, Casey Watson is dedicated to his job, works long hours and tries to make a difference within his district fighting crime. He is a can-do man, keen and eager to keep the city safe at night. Together, with his rough and tough work partner and good buddy, Bruce O’Connell, they make a great team.
Casey also has a magical foreskin.

When he cock docks with any perpetrator, when his foreskin tingles to let him know the criminal he has apprehended is guilty, the magic within his amazing foreskin makes any man tell the truth. What’s more, they forget how and why they told as soon as Casey climaxes, too..

But if anyone finds out about his foreskin’s abilities, he could be suspended, kicked off the force at the worst. Can Casey continue to perform his duties while using his foreskins abilities? Or will he have to reveal his secret to not only protect himself, but Bruce as well?


Okay, when one decides to review a book, one must sit and think about several different factors BEFORE writing a review on it. Was the subject manner unique? Were the characters dimensional enough for the plot? Was the dialogue easy to read, follow, and understand? Did the author add something different to make the story stand out and make you go, WOW…that’s different yet possibly believable. Or maybe, okay, not so believable but very unique. And that is what we have here with Mark Alders. When this man sits down to write a book he truly reaches way out there with the unique factor and twists it up with a dash of holy goodness.

In The Hood of Justice Mark introduces Casey, a cop and his partner Bruce. Nothing different there though, I mean there are several books out there that tell a tale of cops and their partners and then mix in a mess or two to get the plot moving. Cops have been done lots of times. BUT…yes there is a big but there because there is NOTHING out there with the twist this book has.

Casey is young, I think his mid twenties, his partner must be the same age, and they’ve been together serving the public since they graduated the academy. They’re good at what they do, no…they are the best at what they do as they always get their bad guys and let me tell you they don’t just get their bad guys by questioning everyone in town, or reading clues left behind, or any of the “normal” stuff. No, Mark had to add that unique twist here, and when I say that word, I mean it…His star, Casey finds his bad men by…are you ready for this? Cockdocking. He cockdocks with the person he wants to interrogate and BAM, he gets all the answers he needs to make the bust. How you ask? Well, lets first go over what cockdocking is…on second thought, maybe you’ll want to go and Google that. With Casey, when he does this with his subject, it seems to act like a truth serum or something so the other guy, who is on the thresholds of an amazing orgasm, spills his guts and tells it all. Then, once the act is over, the subject just seems to forget the experience but they do know that they spilled it all out there for some reason.

Is that unique or what? Mark mixes some angst in this story, a lot of cockdocking, and lots of fun play between Casey and his partner. My favorite scene of course was the dungeon one.

Reviewer: Michele


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